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Move to Veliko Tarnovo - Top reasons to move to Beautiful Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo region has become the most popular region in Bulgaria for British expatriates to settle permanently; according to the British Embassy more than 20% of British expatriates now live in the regions of Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo.

It is not only the British who are migrating to Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria, the region attracts expats from all corners of the globe; for many it is their first step to living within the European Union. VT as it is affectionately known is also a popular holiday destination, this makes it popular with those that want to own a second home, often with a view towards retirement in later life. Many people purchase investment properties in Bulgaria where they plan to eventually retire and spend a safe and enjoyable retirement far away from the rat race.

It is a well known fact that Bulgaria remains the cheapest country in Europe and this is usually the first thing that attracts foreigners to think about living in Bulgaria, however the region of Veliko Tarnovo has much more to offer than just its low cost of living, please read on to discover more about this wonderful region.

About Veliko Tarnovo

Samovodska Charshia - Veliko Tarnovo The region of Veliko Tarnovo is steeped in history, during the second Bulgarian Empire, the Medieval Bulgarian state that existed between 1185 and 1396; it was Veliko Tarnovo that was the capital of Bulgaria and the dominant power across the whole of the Balkans. As a consequence its strong historical past, the area is rich in ancient monuments such as the fortress at Tsaravets, the excavations at Trapazitsa, the Patriarchal Cathedral and dozens of other ancient churches and monasteries.

Veliko Tarnovo Geography

Veliko Tarnovo is close to the Geographic centre of Bulgaria. It is connected East and West by a major highway that terminates at the capital city of Sofia and Varna on the Black Sea Coast. The North/South highway is one of the most important in the Balkans as it connects the continents of Asia with Europe. There is a regional airport at Gorna Oryahovitsa and the international airports are almost equidistant at Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv and across the Romanian border in Bucharest. The town of Veliko Tarnovo itself is unusual in that it clings to a high hill that overlooks the Yantra River. There is a modern town centre containing all the facilities of any town in Bulgaria, but it is the rich historical area that attracts thousands of visitors each year from all over the world.

Tsaravets Fortress at Night The summer weather is fantastic and if you purchase a property in Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo you can take full advantage of the long hot summer or cool off beside one of the many rivers and lakes in this region. The winter provides the opportunities for hiking, exploring the local countryside, hunting, fishing and skiing on the nursery slopes near Gabrovo and Elena. However, if you prefer to stay in the warm, there are excellent facilities in Veliko Tarnovo including American style shopping malls, a multi-screen cinema, ten pin bowling alley and state of the art health and leisure facilities.

Veliko Tarnovo is a strong contender for European Capital of Culture in 2019, around the town there are theatres, museums and art galleries, we have a new audio/visual visitor centre in addition to the many famous areas in the old part of the town and close to Tsaravets castle. There are also many sport facilities around the town as well as out of town leisure complexes with swimming pools, tennis courts and other attractions dotted throughout the region.

Bulgarian Language

The language of Bulgaria is a notoriously tricky language to learn, but this rarely presents a problem in VT which is home to one of Bulgarias biggest language universities and if you are up to the challenge of learning Bulgarian, there are many qualified teachers and private classes that you can attend. However in VT it is very easy to get by with just a few Bulgarian words and you can relax and enjoy exploring this amazing town and the wider countryside.

Veliko Tarnovo Town There are two shopping Malls in Veliko Tarnovo that sell internationally recognised brands alongside products from Bulgaria and other Eastern Europe countries. The town has hundreds of local stores as well as large modern supermarkets, home furnishing stores, DIY stores and electrical resellers etc... In the centre of town there is an amazing green market that open every day of the week supplying the tastiest fruit and vegetables to be found anywhere in Europe, there are hundreds of restaurants serving local and international dishes, cafes, bars & night clubs.

Other towns in the region that have a significant expat population are Gabrovo, south of VT, this is a very well developed town with most of the facilities of Veliko Tarnovo, plus attractions such as a Zoo and the famous museum of satire and humour. Gorna Oryahovitsa lies just a few kilometres east of VT, this predominantly industrial town, is home to the hub of Bulgarias railway system and has many large industrial areas that manufacture everything from food products to central heating systems.

Veliko Tarnovo sound and light show Another notable town in the region is the rural town of Elena, situated in the Central Balkan Mountain range, 40 kilometres south of VT and 300 metres above sea level. Elena is a beautiful town that has managed to preserve the vast majority of its Bulgarian revival architecture and is surrounded by a substantial number of small rivers and brooks set in deep gorges and oak lined valleys. The surrounding forests are home to indigenous wolves, wild boar, Red deer, Fallow & Roe deer, jackals, foxes and hares.

The delightful town of Tryavna is also in the south and is well worth a visit with its stunning renaissance architecture that was defined after the Ottoman invasion, when master builders constructed stunningly beautiful houses, schools & churches and artists ornamented the churches with icons and mural paintings and wood workers contributed by designing and carving magnificent ceilings, altars and windows.

Veliko Tarnovo (VT) is an excellent place to live, work or just retire, as it combines excellent summer weather with a wonderfully calm and peaceful pace of life, with access to first rate facilities including medical and dental care.

For more information about Veliko Tarnovo (VT) and all it has to offer visit the In Your Pocket site for information, helpful hints and comments from those who have visited our town.

Just remember, when you decide to visit Veliko Tarnovo, you are welcome to drop in to the office at Yantra Homes between 9:00am and 19:00pm Monday to Thursday of 17:00 Friday, on Saturday between 10:00am and 15:00pm, on Sundays by appointment or just Contact Us in advance to discuss your visit.

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