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Selling Property in Veliko Tarnovo with Bulgarian Real Estate Agent

Sell your home in Veliko Tarnovo - Time to Go? - How to get the best price for your property in Bulgaria - Advice from Bulgarian Real Estate Agents.


Time To Sell up?

If the time has come for you to put up your Bulgarian property for sale, what do you do to ensure you get top dollar for it at a time when Bulgarian house prices are falling and there are fewer buyers in the market and there is plenty of Bulgarian real estate for sale??

Firstly you must decide what you truly believe is's worth in today’s marketplace. Be realistic and don't make the mistake of over–valuing.

Hadji Nikoli Inn Veliko Tarnovo Certainly you will have seen many properties in Bulgarian Estate Agents’ displays that seem to have been there forever – what is your perception of why they are still there? Probably that there is something wrong with them, when it might just be the case that they were overpriced to begin with and have generated no interest in potential buyers until there reaches a point of having to be taken off the market and then reintroduced later at a lower price.

If you are unsure as to the value of your property, ask Veliko Tarnovo Estate Agents, Yantra Homes who can give you a fair estimate based on the size, condition and location of your property.

Next, your Agent will want to take some photographs of your property for that all important advertising campaign. It is at this point the selling of your property begins. Just remember, those pictures he’s snapping away at will appear in the Agency window, on the website, in magazines etc., so presenting your property at its best can help you get that asking price.

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your property is seen at its best, both in photos and during viewings:

Church of the Forty Holy Martyrs - Veliko Tarnovo

Clear up

Potential buyers want to see what they are actually getting for their money and not your personal belongings, so put them out of sight before photographs are taken and viewers come to see your property.
If you have a property, perhaps in one of the Bulgarian villages, that has been vacant for a long time, make sure you clean out any old furniture and personal effects left behind by the previous occupiers and at least strim a path through the undergrowth for viewers to walk around the property.

Clean up

An hour or two vacuuming and dusting will make all the difference to occupied properties. You may think viewers should accept that you are living there and see through the detritus of everyday life, but unfortunately they don’t, so as a minimum, a quick run round before they arrive can set the right impression. Rentals will need cleaning after previous tenants have left and then just an occasional airing.


Make any minor repairs before any viewings take place, for example: leaks, damp patches, missing roof tiles etc. Basically, repair anything that might send the wrong signals to viewers and that they could subsequently use as a negative when considering your property especially when it would only cost a few leva to fix.

Furnished or Unfurnished?

Are you selling all or some of your furniture with your home in Bulgaria? If you are and it is included in the price of the property, you should ensure it is clean and in good condition. There is no point in including a broken down fridge and a rickety sofa in your price as the viewer will definitely not want them, and will drive your price down, and rightly so.


Drive under the old town of Veliko Tarnovo If you have a dog(s) or cat for that matter, try to keep them outside, kenneled or chained whilst viewings are taking place, or better still, if they don’t like strangers, get a friend to look after them for a while – there is not much that puts off potential buyers more than being chased down the road by an angry dog!
You may not think your pet has a smell, but be assured it does. If you allow pets to come inside, your house will have that musty ‘doggy’ odour, and as much as you love your pet, others don’t, so get some air freshener, leave the windows open and for god’s sake get rid of that cat litter tray!!! Dirty pet bowls lying around are also a no-no.


Finally, yes, everyone in Bulgaria seems to smoke, but if you have ever been in the ‘Smoking Area’ at Sofia Airport, then you know how bad stale smoke smells. Once you have cleaned and aired your property, don’t smoke inside the house, it will ruin all the hard work you have put in with one cough!


Remember, particularly at a time when buyers can be few and far between, and with so many properties on the market, a little extra effort on your part before a viewing could make all the difference between a sale and a "no thank-you".

Good luck with your sale!

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