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British photographer with an exhibition for a noble cause

Tim Clinch, winner of numerous photography awards, arranges an exhibition in a Sofia art gallery to help save the community centre in the Veliko Tarnovo village of Mindya. He bought a house in the picturesque mountain village 10 years ago and since then spends much of his time there. He was made aware of the problems experienced by the community centre, namely of lack of funds to repair the leaky roof.

Tim decided to shoot the people of the village and its surroundings and show them in a charity exhibition, hoping to gather the necessary funds (roughly 40,000 leva). Thus the project Mindya – a Portrait of a Village was born. The author says: ″The job allowed me to approach people and understand their lifestyle and get into their houses. We shot people while they were cooking, while they were preparing kompots, it was just wonderful!″

The professional work of Tim Clinch is related to travel, decor, food and portrait photography and not only. He works for a wide variety of magazines all over Europe and America and has published many books.

His exhibition Mindya – a Portrait of a Village will be featured in the in the prestigious Photo Festival at Photo Synthesis Gallery in Sofia, from 10 to 27 November as part of the Festival for Photography, People and Ideas. Tim Clinch also has an idea to present the exhibition in Veliko Tarnovo.



Image: Tim Clinch

The event:

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The 8th Mindya Rock Fest to be held at the end of August

The village of Mindya annually holds a rock fest. The event is organized by the notable political commentator Evgeni Daynov who owns a house in the village. He came up with the idea in 2009. Mindya Rock Fest 2016 will be a three-day event taking place at the end of August – 26th, 27th and 29th.

Some of the names to perform this year are Chaplin’s Dream, Delta Roosters, Kamen Katsata (Kamen the Barrel) and the Supernaturals, Blues Traffic, Cotton Pickers, Restart, Double Bit, Tortilla Flat and Vasko Krapkata (Vasko the Patch) with Poduene Blues Band.

The entrance for all concerts is free.

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Mindya Rock Fest 2015


mindya1The legendary lady of Bulgarian rock Milena Slavova will be the highlight of the seventh edition of Mindya Rock Fest, it was announced by its organizer Prof Evgeniy Daynov. Traditionally, Vasko Krapkata (The Patch) and his  Poduene Blues Band will also play on the scene in the village near Veliko Turnovo.

A total of 11 bands will entertain the guests of the festival, which begins on 28 August. Milena will perform during the opening night of the so called Bulgarian Woodstock.

The popular rock event will open with a speech by the mayor of Mindya Ivan Ivanov, then the hosts from the local choir of Vesselina will take the stage. Things are going to get more serious then with the blues formation Delta Roosters, led by the renowned guitarist Petar Georgiev – Pesheto. Afterwards, CRUSH, made up by young people will hit the stage playing in the best traditions of British melodic rock.

The first night of the festival will also be the night to see the foreign guests from Belarus – Double  Beat, Sha Sha and Blues Traffic. On the keyboards will be the most awarded Bulgarian popular composer Hristo Namliev – Nama, which is otherwise a member of Masters – the group of Prof Daynov. Their new original pieces, written specially for the festival will make music fans explode on Saturday.

The second night will find the veterans of Restart. The program also features the bands of Chernorizets, Tortilla Flat and Poduene Blues Band and Vasko Krapkata. As the tradition goes all the musicians get on the stage together to close down the fest.

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Veliko Tarnovo real estate, new roads to recreation facilities 2013-2025 news

Veliko Tarnovo municipality has updated its latest Town and Country Development Plan (TCDP)

veliko turnovo

Veliko Tarnovo Town council will meet regarding the town and country plan

According to the Bulgarian Law on spatial planning and overall development in the municipality the general structure of the regional plan and overwhelming use of its constituent structural parts being; location and boundaries of urban areas, farmland, forests, protected areas, contaminated areas and those with special and mixed use.
The TCDP gives general regimes for each of these areas with targets, measures and requirements for conservation use, building and development, identify networks and technical infrastructure facilities and areas with perhaps predictable natural disasters and necessary preventive measures and ways of planning and protection.
TCDP development for the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has been done since 2006 adopted by the Town Council in April 2007. A preliminary draft TCDP was ready in 2008 and adopted by Town Council in 2009. In 2010 after a commission, an opinion needed to be sought on the environmental assessment . There have been meetings and coordination with environmental organisations, the guild of architects, the road agency, the Regional Directorate of Forestry, Water, Energy, National Institute of immovable cultural heritage, businesses, mayors and deputy mayors. Continue Reading