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Veliko Tarnovo citizen pays bills with 20 kg of pennies


The Veliko Tarnovo Coordinator of the Civil Movement for National Unity and Salvation, paid his January electricity bill with pennies weighing a total of 20 kg.

The Tarnovian, Martin Karageorgiev, had 180 levs to pay. As an act of protest against the high electricity prices and the growing poverty in Bulgaria he decided to pay his bill in pennies. “They already make us live on pennies and count bread crumbs, this is why I decided to pay my bill in pennies”, said Martin.

He managed to gather 1, 2, 5 stotinki (coins) worth 106 levs with the help of relatives and friends. The difference to 180 Levs  he paid in notes, since he could not manage to gather more coins.

The counting and sorting of the pennies included two cashiers and two people from the queue. It took them 1 hour and 50 minutes to count 20 kg of stotinki.


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New shopping centre in Veliko Tarnovo

Poltava building, currently

current look of the Poltava building

The famous Poltava Building in Veliko Tarnovo gets a fresh face-lift. The premises are set to have a shopping centre with a café, restaurant and gym. It is expected to be open to public this summer.


Hectic renovation works have been going on for a few months now. The restaurant will be open by March 22, just in time for the Official Holiday of Veliko Tarnovo.


A little known fact about Poltava is that it is a typical example of the architectural style brutalism. This style started in England in 1954  and became popular in the 60s. It is characterised by simplified and crude building facades without any decoration and celebrating the natural structure of materials –  the concrete, steel, brick and glass. Currently, the style is very popular in Israel and Latin America. Many prestigious American and British universities and court buildings are also built in this manner.


Famous songstress Ishtar with concert in Veliko Tarnovo




World-renowned ethno singer Ishtar throws a concert in Veliko Tarnovo. The concert will be held on April 12 from 20.00 hours in the Palace of Culture and Sports “Vasil Levski”.

Ishtar arrived in the City of Tsars for a meeting with journalists to reveal some details her upcoming visit. During her visit, she witnessed the visually stunning Sound and Light Show at the Tsarevets Castle and was given a small replica of the historic fortress by the mayor himself.

This concert is part of Veliko Tarnovo’s event calendar and in support to Veliko Tarnovo’s candidacy for European Culture Capital 2019

Ishtar, born Esther Zach, on November 10, 1968 in Israel) to an Egyptian mother, who was a famous folk singer and a Moroccan father, who was also a musician. She spoke Arabic at home, while her and her sister also studied Hebrew at school.  She’s been singing since the age of 15 and her moniker was given to her by her grandmother.

The charming chanteuse shared she loves coming to Bulgaria, because it reminds her to the place where she grew up. She now lives in Paris, but she said she likes small, quaint and authentic cities like Veliko Tarnovo, with oodles of history.


Deep Purple in Bulgaria

Deep Purple in Bulgaria

Deep Purple in Bulgaria

FC Botev Plovdiv celebrates their 100th anniversary this year, June 3. They have invited the legendary Deep Purple for the occasion.

Their Plovdiv concert is part of their world tour and the promotion of their 19th studio album, which comes out April, 26 and includes 13 new songs.

For all you fans in Veliko Tarnovo and the area, the go on sale, March 6, Wednesday, online on Ticketpro, with prices ranging from 40 to 60 levs.


Veliko Tarnovo decks 21 foreign cities with martenitsi


Veliko Tarnovo sent out metre-long martenitsi to 21 of its twin cities in 19 countries. The event called “Martenitsa – The Bulgarian Symbol in Europe” is part of the activities related to Veliko Tarnovo’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2019.

The red and white symbols of health, fertility and abundance were placed on landmark buildings and places in cities like Graz, Tver, Asti, Bitolya and Ohrid, Zadar, Krakow, Etchmiadzin, Siyan, Giugrgiu and Iasi, Budapest and Sopron, Bayonne, Poltava, Opava, Toledo, Tarxien, Tromso, Cetinje and London.

Alongside martenitsi, cities also received  the logo of Veliko Tarnovo’s application. The symbolic meaning of the martenitsa were explained is a special message attached to the gifts.