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Frescoes in the Preobrazhenski Monastery are to be restored for the first time in more than 99 years

Преображенски манастирThe Ministry of culture allocated almost 20 000 euro for the restoration of the wall paintings in the renowned Preobrazhenski Monastery. The frescoes take up 14 sqm and are to be restored for the first time since 1915. They were painted by Zahari Zograf between 1849 and 1851; the artist is considered the most famous Bulgarian painter of the Bulgarian National Revival period and is widely known for his icons and church mural paintings. The monastery was founded in the 14 century but it was completely destroyed during the Ottoman rule. In 1832 the Turkish Sultan gave his permission for a new church to be built in the place of the old monastery. Kolyo Ficheto (the most notable master builder of that time) completed the church in 1834. Continue Reading

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Hadji Nikoli Inn competes in the Emblematic building of Bulgaria 2014 contest

hadjinik5Hadji Nikoli Inn (situated in Veliko Tarnovo) is featured in the on line contest Emblematic buildings of Bulgaria 2014. The initiative is a follow-up from the Building of the year contest; its aim is to popularize significant and legendary building in Bulgaria which have been renovated or restored in recent years and are inseparable part of the Bulgarian cultural and historic heritage.

12 restored and renovated buildings are part of the78_big contest. The site of the initiative presents them all in an easy user friendly interactive way; site visitors can read lots of ingesting fact, see 360° videos of the buildings and of course vote for their favourite. The one with the most votes will be declared the Emblematic building of the year 2014.

Hadji Nikoli Inn was built in 1858 – 1862 by the ingenious master builder Kolyo Ficheto for the wealthy merchant Hadji Nikola Minchev (Hadji Nikoli). At the time most buildings were predominantly made of wood and the newly-built inn stood out with its splendour and magnificence. Another reason why is it so cherished today is that it’s the only inn in Veliko Tarnovo that has remained intact up to nowadays – there were 70 inns in 1877.

Hadji Nikoli Inn of Veliko Tarnovo is a uniqueVZ_HHN_15 masterpiece of the monumental architecture dating back to the late Renaissance period in Bulgaria. It is declared a cultural monument of national significance. The unique Hadji Nikoli Inn was brought back to life in 2010 following a long and thorough restoration. It has preserved its authentic character but with a modern twist. Hadji Nikoli Inn opened its doors for visitors and guests in March 2010 and quickly turned into a major cultural centre. The Complex of Hadji Nikoli Inn now comprises several exhibition halls and an Art gallery, a restaurant with differently decorated lounges and a garden, a coffee shop and a wine-bar.

If you want to cast your vote and help Hadji Nikoli Inn win you can do it here:

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Luxury property market in Veliko Tarnovo is on the rise

blogThere is a stir on the high end property market in Veliko Tarnovo. Currently there is an increased interest for real estates located in the Old Part, the central area and the outskirts of the town. More than 35 luxury houses with prices starting at 150,000 euro are on the market at the moment. A mansion with total living area of 447 sqm and asking price of 250,000 euro in Arbanassi is one of the top priced propertis at the moment. A 3-story building part of the Samovodskata Charshia architecture complex next to the Emiliyan Stanev Museum is also for sale at 176,200 euro. 220,000 euro is the price for another delightfull property at the beginnig of Varusha quarter.

The center, the Old Part, and Kartala and Asenov quarters are apparantly the most sought after. According to real estate agents there is a distinctive interest in those locations. One of the listings on the market is for two properties on top of Varusha for 150,000 each; although it hard to reach the views that are revealed from there are stunning and probably the best in town. Close to the Town Library is another 350 sqm property which rises at 4 stories due to the specific terrain and is being sold at 220,000 euro. For those wanting to savour the peace, tranquility and fresh air of Kartala neighbourhood will have to dig deep in their pockets. Hoses with extras such a garden and pool start from 170,000 euro.

If you want to check some of them you can see an array of luxury properties on our website with the record holder priced at the staggering 530,000 euro

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Citizens of Veliko Tarnovo will enjoy the Christmas season in Viennese style

9193009-largeCitizens of Veliko Tarnovo will be able to live the magic of the Viennese Christmas spirit. The Vienna Classic Orchestra and its renowned conductor Daniel Kavatsa will perform for the first time ever in Bulgaria. The concert in Veliko Tarnovo will be held on December, 5th. The orchestra was founded to conserve and recreate the beauty of Viennese classical music.

All the musicians gave graduated in Vienna and are part of the Vienna Philharmonic and some of the best orchestras around the world. The Philharmonic orchestra is widely renowned and some of the places it has performed include Royal Albert Hall in London and Olympia Hall in Paris.

The concert programme will comprise of two parts. The first part will feature masterpieces by Mozart and during the second one the audience will be delighted with plays by Strauss. The soprano Judith Halasz will sing in both sections. A ballet will transform music to life on stage with their exquisite moves.

The concert in Veliko Tarnovo will start at 8 pm at Vasil Levski Sports and Culture Hall. Tickets are on sale from tomorrow. The price range is from 40 to 100 lv.

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Abandoned motel by Veliko Tarnovo to be transformed into a spa gem

1.2 million leva is to be invested in the complex


The unsightly Opalchenska street

A real spa gem near Veliko Tarnovo is currently under construction it was announced by the Chief Architecture of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality. The building which operated as a motel in the past is located at the end of Opalchenska street (the one starting from Yantra Hotel towards the village of Samovodene). The process of reconstruction is in the final stages and soon will be completed. The edifice was previously used also a kids vacation camp. It took almost a year for the new owners of the place to coordinate their project with the requirements of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

The motel is totally transformed. The whole complex spans at 2,500 sqm and comprises of a bar, a restaurant seating more than 100 people, a hotel with 30 rooms, a spa centre and a swimming centre. The local authorities are contributing towards the project due to their aim to develop this part of the down and make it more appealing as currently it is in a pretty bad state. The street is also to be repaired soon.

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Sports complex near Ksilifor with European funding

The project is to cover 30,000 sqm of land


The lake at Ksilifor

Sports complex for 4 million leva is to be set up near Veliko Tarnovo right after the opening of the new European funding programmes. The plot where the future recreational centre is to be build is owned by a Veliko Tarnovo based tourist union which is the oldest one in Bulgaria. The project is developed by an architect and is so detailed that is takes up 15 thick file folders. It is one of its kind in North Central Bulgaria and will render the Ksilifor area an enticing centre for sports activities and cultural and eco-tourism.

There will be football pitches, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, climbing walls and even a small ski track. Different size swimming pools will also be available as well as Water Attractions Park. There will be enough car parks to accommodate all the visitors’ vehicles. The roads to Ksilifor and the infrastructure of the region are also to be updated. The mountain hostel is to be renovated and the adjoining lake will be cleaned. The lake itself will be transformed to accommodate boats and pedal boats; picnic areas will be set up along the shore line. Continue Reading