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Wondering where to buy a property? Veliko Tarnovo is the most sought-after area in Bulgaria


Veliko Tarnovo from above

Veliko Tarnovo area is currently proving to be the hottest destination in Bulgaria for buying a new property. The data was released by real estate agencies based in the town and is based on market trends for the first trimester of the year.

The data also shows that there is a growing demand for homes built or redone with high-quality materials and offering impeccable living conditions; they are generally wanted for permanent residence but also for weekend retreats from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Their close proximity to Veliko Tarnovo would also mean that all the convenience and variety of a town nearby with all the shopping and all the options for entertainment and indulgence you could crave area available just a stone’s throw away.

Attractive, ready to move in houses are highly sought after with deals completing between 40,000 and 60,000 euro. Interest is both from Bulgarians and foreigners, mostly British nationals. Russians are also a factor on the real estate market and their numbers are slowly increasing.

It was also pointed out that there is high interest in cheap houses for renovation too. The average agreed selling price for countryside properties in Veliko Tarnovo area is 41 750 euro which is three times the national levels. The housing market in the area is stable, marking a slight but steady increase.

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Veliko Tarnovo – the most beautiful town built on sheer slopes

DSC_0019We have long known that Veliko Tarnovo is probably amongst the most unique towns all over the world and now it was officially confirmed. Veliko Tarnovo topped a chart for the most beautiful towns ever built on sheer slopes which was recently published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The magnitude of this first place is proven by the towns left behind by the old Bulgarian capital – Meteora and Santorini (Greece), Ronda (Spain), Rocamadour (France), Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Civita di Bagnoregio (Italy), Piodao (Portugal), Wadi Dawan (Yemen) are a few to name among others.

The paper calls the selected locations jewels of architecture and pieces of treasure. It also notes how hard it must have been for the towns to be built and points the constant drive of humanity to conquer Nature. The Italians also state that Veliko Tarnovo, along with the rest of the towns, is even more picturesque when seen in person and its charm stays vividly in one’s mind long after the encounter.

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Let’s clean Veliko Tarnovo on Saturday, 25th


Igloo type recycling bins

Veliko Tarnovo Municipality announced that its this year’s campaign Let’s clean Veliko Tarnovo 2015 starts on 25th April, Saturday. Everyone who is willing to contribute can join and help. ECOPACK, a packaging recovery organization – will donate bin bags and rubber gloves and the Municipality will arrange the collection and the disposal of the gathered refuse. The aid materials will be handed out on the day of the cleaning in two places – in front of the building of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and in front of Mall Veliko Tarnovo. For further questions and instructions you can contact the Ecological Department on 062/619502. The big day will come to an end with a concert and lot of a fun and of course presents, especially for the youngest participants.

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Every village in Veliko Tarnovo region with video surveillance

surveillanceAuthorities have announced that each village in Veliko Tarnovo area will have its own video surveillance by the end of the year. CCTVs are on top of the priorities’ lists of the mayors of the 34 villages and the two small towns of Debelets and Kilifarevo which fall within the jurisdiction of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality.

The first CCTV camera in a local village was set up about five years ago; by the beginning of the year the number of settlements with video surveillance has reached 27 with 180 cameras. The last 9 places without this feature will have it before the end of the year.

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The Old Post Office and Trapezitsa Railway Station – museums?

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The Old Post Office

Despite their potential both buildings are abandoned

Veliko Tarnovo filed an official request requiring for the ownership of two symbolic edifices to be passed from the state into the hands of the Municipality. The buildings in question are the Old Post Office at the beginning of Samovodskata Charshia and Trapezitsa Railway Station. Both are intrinsically related with the history of Bulgaria and Veliko Tarnovo. The local authorities rely that the government will take the idea in good part and grant the possession of the properties. The Post Office couldn’t be sold on three occasions. Investors are not interested due to the lack of parking which means it can be converted into a hotel or a shopping centre. The Mayor’s idea is to turn it into a Contemporary Arts Museum, which Veliko Tarnovo lacks, or a place where artists and craftsmen can practice their trades and display their works. Continue Reading


Easter at Tsarevets Fortress

865c0c0b4ab0e063e5caa3387c1a87417355b81225fd0a49aab800ff9229b110Citizens and guests of Veliko Tarnovo are presented with the unique opportunity to celebrate the most important festival in Eastern Orthodox Church – Easter, at Tsarevets Fortress.

In Bulgaria Easter eggs are dyed on Maundy (Holy) Thursday or Holy Saturday. The first red egg dyed is a symbol of health and good fortune for the family and is set aside to be kept until next Easter. The Bulgarian Easter bread is known as kozunak. Continue Reading

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We mark Earth Hour 2015

earth-hour-2015Earth Hour 2015 – a global initiative showing people’s concern about the well-being of the planet – will be marked on March, 28th (Saturday) from 8.30 pm. At this exact hour Bulgaria together with the other participating nations across the world will turn its lights off; people throughout the nation will stop consuming electricity for an hour so that they show that they care for the environment and the harm we cause.

This year the Earth Hour in Bulgaria will be dedicated to the rivers. The event will be held under the slogan Rivers needs us – let us provide future for them. Many Bulgarian towns will take part in the movement.

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