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Veliko Tarnovo takes the lead in the ‘European Capital of Culture 2019’ contest


lightThe old capital of Bulgaria is the only town that received credit for its innovatory approach in dealing with issues arising from its participation in the contest. The Ministry of Culture published on its site the report of the international jury which praises Veliko Tarnovo very high.

The choice of the themes of ‘happiness’ and ‘prosperity’ incorporated in Veliko Tarnovo’s slogan ‘We Create Happiness’ pleased the jury. The notions of ‘happiness’ and ‘prosperity’ are more and more present on Europe’s agenda. The jury also rated very high the clarity and enthusiasm of the town’s presentation on subjects such as the ever increasing number of tourists and different strategic aspects of the town’s development. The report said that dealing with issues that have to do with cultural aspects through change in the way of conduct is innovative and fresh attitude.

The judges appreciated the participation of foreign citizens, that are currently living in Veliko Tarnovo, as a sign of the European dimensions of the town. The future plans laid out in the applying form show Veliko Tarnovo’s depth of vision, said the report.

News, Useful

Some Bulgarian with your Bulgarian Property?

Modern Cyrillic. Bulgarian Alphabet

Modern Cyrillic. Bulgarian Alphabet

So you have recently purchased Bulgarian real estate or planning a permanent move to Bulgaria. Even though a number of younger generation Bulgarians speak English, you will still need to learn some degree of Bulgarian to get by and get through your daily life.


Even though we at Yantra Homes try to help you as much as we can, our services only go so far. If you want to learn Bulgarian, you can always get in touch with some of the few language schools in Veliko Tarnovo.


However during my recent visit to Plovdiv, a friend of mine told me about a friend of hers, teaching Bulgarian to foreigners. When I asked how it worked, she told me the teaching was done online, distantly, using Skype.


If you would like to learn Bulgarian before you permanently move to your newly purchased Bulgarian house or just want to learn a Slavic language, now you can do so in advance, from the comfort of you home. is a Plovdiv-based language teaching school.