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New Cancer treatment centre will open in August

onkologia 13.07.The old radiotherapeutic oncology unit in Veliko Tarnovo has had a makeover and has already had installed state of the art equipment to treat cancers with a higher success rate.  The equipment ensures a 50 to 100% success rate.

The contract for the transformation was agreed in March 2012 and will be completed August this year (2015), where there will be a ‘cutting the ribbon’ ceremony to open the renovated healthcare facility.

The new equipment boasts the latest generation linear accelerator, CT scanner, as well as equipment that helps the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

“This type of equipment has a higher precision of radiation and preservation of surrounding organs outside the volume of irradiation,”

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Colourful kitchen – ventured to experiment with colours Part Three

Yellow literally warms the soul and is suitable for any room.

Eine wunderschöne Küche

In recent years, the colours take over the kitchen area with full force. Yellow and its shades are so soothing that you will not want to leave the room, which is determined in this sunny colour. Its wonderful combination of wood tones, orange, blue and green detail makes it an ideal solution for your kitchen. So yellow is the perfect solution for you if you love fresh and energetic colours.


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Again promises for rehabilitation of Magistralna Street


Magistralna Street

The renovation of the entire Magistralna Street – from Metro Cash & Carry Store all the way to the South Junction – is reportedly under planning at the moment according to a local newspaper. The lot is part of the national road system and accommodates all the traffic between Sofia and Varna. The road hasn’t seen proper rehabilitation for the last 15 years and its state in some part is just tragic. Continue Reading

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Price of land near Veliko Tarnovo is on the rise

magiNow that it became clear that Hemus Highway will pass about 20 km north from Veliko Tarnovo, the price of land around the old capital rose significantly. Plots are now sold for 1500 leva per 1000 sqm; as a year ago they rarely exceeded 1,200 leva per 1000 sqm. Agricultural plots of land near the town of Pavlikeni and the village Nikyup are the most sought after. There are expectations their value will go even higher.

After the last alterations it was decided that the route of the highway will now go past Pavlikeni, reaching 20 km away from Veliko Tarnovo – north of Resen and south of Nikyup.  Continue Reading