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Fifty shades of red or how to create a unique bedroom

The modern bedroom – a room for pleasure and passion.


If you live on the planet Earth there is no way not to nave heard of the hit movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.” You may ask, but where is the red? Here comes the catch, those of you who have seen the movie will know about the red room, but if you’re one of the few who do not know what this is all about, then in the following lines you will learn something new and interesting.

The bedroom is the room where you certainly spend at least a third of your life. Then why not make it a place not only for sleep but for fun?

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Design and furnishing, Useful

Unique renovation of two centuries old house

Interesting idea how to turn an old house into a modern home.

 57cb2fe2bfcda444aa84db75a348e5ab_1You bought old but unique in its appearance house and want to turn it into something new, but to keep its spirit? In the following article you will understand how some young architects have achieved this. And why not to borrowed some of their ideas and combine them with your own preferences.


The renovation of this house two centuries begins with the idea to change only the interior and outside of it to preserve its authenticity. The design is fairly minimalist, but is decorated with style.


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Latest news: Airport and an aircraft recycling factory in Gorna Oryahovitsa

runway-free-airplane-on-125857Geri Holding, the American company running its business in Italy, has now officially deposited its investment plan for the airport in Gorna Oryahovitsa in the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport; the total cost of the project is more than 100 million euro. The information was published in a local newspaper last week.

The Council of Ministers is expected to vote the conditions of the concession by the end of May and the optimistic outcome of the situation is that by the end of the year Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport will have its concessioner.

It was revealed that, as we already know, the American investor intends to bring back to life the airport and operate passenger and cargo flights. The new info that was disclosed is that he will also set up an aircraft recycling factory where ‘retired’ airplanes will be disassembled and parted out. Reportedly this will be the first of its kind air base in Europe. The local economy will also be boosted and the labour market will be awakened – around 500 new jobs will be available once the airport is a fact.

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Veliko Tarnovo – Elena Road is now open again


The new road is looking good.

The road connecting Veliko Tarnovo and Elena is officially open from today. The lot was closed for the last six months following the landslides in December which split it in two. The reconstruction of the road was completed within the set time limit and only the horizontal road markings need to be painted. Due to the recent precipitations it was not done but once the weather allows it the process will be finished.

During the rehabilitation of the road more than 90 reinforced concrete beams were placed along the trace to provide further protection; each of them is 8 m long. Surface and ground waters which were the main reason for triggering the landslides are now drained through newly-built ditches.

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Wondering where to buy a property? Veliko Tarnovo is the most sought-after area in Bulgaria


Veliko Tarnovo from above

Veliko Tarnovo area is currently proving to be the hottest destination in Bulgaria for buying a new property. The data was released by real estate agencies based in the town and is based on market trends for the first trimester of the year.

The data also shows that there is a growing demand for homes built or redone with high-quality materials and offering impeccable living conditions; they are generally wanted for permanent residence but also for weekend retreats from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Their close proximity to Veliko Tarnovo would also mean that all the convenience and variety of a town nearby with all the shopping and all the options for entertainment and indulgence you could crave area available just a stone’s throw away.

Attractive, ready to move in houses are highly sought after with deals completing between 40,000 and 60,000 euro. Interest is both from Bulgarians and foreigners, mostly British nationals. Russians are also a factor on the real estate market and their numbers are slowly increasing.

It was also pointed out that there is high interest in cheap houses for renovation too. The average agreed selling price for countryside properties in Veliko Tarnovo area is 41 750 euro which is three times the national levels. The housing market in the area is stable, marking a slight but steady increase.