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The symbolic Saint Demetrius of Thessaloniki Church opens for visits

6_12568043171_MG_3725_sThe church takes a central place in Veliko Tarnovo’s history as it was the place where the uprising of Asen and Peter was pronounced on October 26th 1185. The Uprising of Asen and Peter was a revolt of Bulgarians living in a territory held by the Byzantine Empire and was caused by a tax increase. It ended with the creation of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, ruled by the Asen dynasty. The church will welcome visitors every day from October, 22nd till November, 8th as it is becoming the focal point of the upcoming national celebrations marking the 830th anniversary of the uprising and the restoration of the Bulgarian state. The church usually stays closed during the winter months and opens doors for visitors only upon prior request.

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Veliko Tarnovo marks the Chinese New Year in February, 2016

a lion dance

Lion Dance

Veliko Tarnovo will officially mark the Chinese New Year in February 2016 with a varied and attractive program. This was agreed at a meeting between Veliko Tarnovo Deputy Mayor Daneva-Snezhana Ivanova and the cultural counsellor with the Chinese embassy in Bulgaria Yin Yali. The main aspects of the future event were outlined during the talks. Preparations begin next month.

Until now, the Chinese New Year had been officially celebrated only in Sofia and Varna. In February 2016 a 40-strong ensemble from the Asian country will visit the Old capital of Bulgaria. The program will include lots of music and dancing, circus and acrobatics numbers, as well as the particularly attractive Lion Dance. Exhibitions and presentation of traditional oriental arts and crafts are also on the agenda for the event.

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Along the footsteps of the Bulgarian state

Free sightseeing tour is being organized by the Regional History Museum the reason being the Independence Day, 22 September and the 830th anniversary of the Uprising of Asenevtsi. The Along the footsteps of the Bulgarian state tour will happen on 22nd September and will include key sites related to the history of the Veliko Tarnovo.

The tour starts at 2 pm from the Church of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki. People can join the walk at any point. The tour will be guided.

After the walk the Prison Museum and the Museum of Contemporary History can be visited for free; the last hour for admission being 5 pm.

Other sites that will be free to visit throughout the day are the Tsarevets Fortress and Holy Forty Martyrs Church.

Free guided walking tour:

2 pm Church of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki

2.30 pm Holy Forty Martyrs Church.

3 pm Church of Ss. Peter and Paul

3.30 – 4 pm Through the small gate at Tsarevets Fortress to the Pyramid Monument

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This Saturday – Night of the Samovodskata Charshiya for the 4th time

samovodska_zaglavnaThe fourth edition of the Night of the Samovodskata Charshiya will be held on September, 19th. The Crafts Street feast will have а retro twist, reminiscent of times past. The event starts at 11 pm with crafts school for children and adults. Master craftsmen will demonstrate old techniques they have mustered and preserved in time to all willing to try. There will be demonstrations throughout the day, up to 4 pm. Continue Reading

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Veliko Tarnovo Wax Museum to expand with 2 more floors


The day of the grand opening

Because of the great interest Tsarevgrad Tarnov Multimedia Visitor Centre, known as the Museum of wax figures from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, is to grow with 2 more floors, Borba Newspaper reported.

The expansion will cover nearly 1000 sqm. The additional space will allow for more mock-ups of people, events and scenes related to our history to be presented, said the Mayor Daniel Panov. Continue Reading

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Veliko Tarnovo Town Big Brass Bend to play at Marno Pole Park in September

11709758_1024585124218621_5852100555014857451_nThe Veliko Tarnovo Municipality Big Brass Band will entertain the citizens and guests of the old capital in September. Their performances will be staged every week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 6 pm and 7 pm.

The orchestra will delight its fans and lovers of good music with performances of jazz, popular music, and movie soundtrack numbers.

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Short news from Veliko Tarnovo area


The statue of Valchan Voyvoda

A monument of the legendary Valchan Voyvoda (military commanders of Slavic populations) was officially open last Saturday in the village of Rayuvtsi in Elena Balkans. This is the only monument of the famous haydutin (a romanticised hero figure who steals from, and leads his fighters into battle against the Ottoman Empire). The memorial statue is full-length and made of white stone; it towers over Yovkovtsi Reservoir at Valchova Polyana (meadow). Valchan is one of the most famous Bulgarian rebels who devoted 80 years of his life to revel activity. All the money which Valchan Voyvoda obtained was given away for the liberation of Bulgaria and education of the Bulgarian population. He was born on January 7th, 1775 and died on March 23rd, 1879 at the age of 104. Continue Reading