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Balkanski Circus visiting Veliko Tarnovo

cirkThe most awarded Bulgarian circus famous all over the world is visiting Veliko Tarnovo. The circus is actually known worldwide as The Bulgarian national circus. It will welcome everyone with a new programme full of spectacular attractions and performances. The chapiteau is set up behind Billa store at the roundabout near Praktiker. The circus is staying in Veliko Tarnovo for four days– 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th October – with shows starting from 5 pm and 7.30 pm in the first three days and from 11 am and 4.30 pm on the last day (Sunday). Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office on the site or on-line at:

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Veliko Tarnovo is the third most affordable tourist destination in the world

TrivagoTrivago, the largest travel search engine, put Veliko Tarnovo in the prestigious third place among the Best Value Destinations in the world. The ranking criterion is the most affordable tourist destination according to quality/price relation and quality of services. The Old Bulgarian capital is the only place in Bulgaria to make it in the top 100 ranking. Veliko Tarnovo is preceded only by the Chinese town of Fenghuang and Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The platform compares hotels prices, prices of services they provide and quality based on customers reviews.

The ranking itself is based on an algorithm encompassing the Hotel Price Index of Trivago and the hotel ratings on the website. The data show the best combined results for an average hotel price for a night in a standard double room and the average users’ rating for all available hotels in a destination

This is the second time Veliko Tarnovo receives such honours by Trivago – last year the hoteliers in the old Bulgarian capital were ranked first for hospitality.

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Pumpkin Festival in Sevlievo (14 – 18 Octomber)

best pumpkinsA Pumpkin Feast is annually held in Sevlievo – a culinary festival celebrating local traditional dishes, delicacies and crafts, created in the capital of pumpkins – Sevlievo.

Event Agenda:

15.10.2015 (Thursday)

The theatre performance Pumpkin Tale will be staged at Mara Belcheva Hall of Culture.

After the show ends, the Pumpkin Temptations Contest which presents various dishes made from pumpkin – pumpkin stuffed with meat, roasted pumpkin boats with mince, pumpkin desserts, etc. and The Best Pumpkin Contest for the heaviest pumpkin, longest pumpkin, smallest pumpkin, etc. Continue Reading

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Along the footsteps of the Bulgarian state

Free sightseeing tour is being organized by the Regional History Museum the reason being the Independence Day, 22 September and the 830th anniversary of the Uprising of Asenevtsi. The Along the footsteps of the Bulgarian state tour will happen on 22nd September and will include key sites related to the history of the Veliko Tarnovo.

The tour starts at 2 pm from the Church of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki. People can join the walk at any point. The tour will be guided.

After the walk the Prison Museum and the Museum of Contemporary History can be visited for free; the last hour for admission being 5 pm.

Other sites that will be free to visit throughout the day are the Tsarevets Fortress and Holy Forty Martyrs Church.

Free guided walking tour:

2 pm Church of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki

2.30 pm Holy Forty Martyrs Church.

3 pm Church of Ss. Peter and Paul

3.30 – 4 pm Through the small gate at Tsarevets Fortress to the Pyramid Monument

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Contest for the tastiest home-made lyutenitsa in Lyaskovets


Tasty combo – lyutenitsa spread on a slice of bread and garnished with white cheese

Tomorrow, 18th September, Lyaskovets, near Veliko Tarnovo, is hosting a contest for the tastiest home-made lyutenitsa. The winner from the last year’s edition of the competition, Mariyka Baycheva from Merdanya, is going to demonstrate how she prepares her delicious tomato and red-pepper spread in front of the audience so if you want to get the knack of how to cook a tasty lyutenitsa, now is the time to do it. Continue Reading