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Bulgaria returns its place among the 10 most desired places for buying a vacation home by British buyers

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Traditional-styled Bulgarian house

Bulgaria moved 5 places upwards in the list with countries that Britons are most interested in to purchase a property. The data was released by a leading on line web portal that keeps track of British buyers’ countries of interest and property market trends. The chart is monthly and in February Bulgaria ranked 10th. In January the country was placed 15th.

Few years back it was usually placed within the first 5 positions; but last year it lost its ground and ranked 20th. For the first time since January 2013 Bulgaria gains back its position among the 10 most preferred destinations by Britons for buying a vacation home.

USA holds the number one spot with France and Spain second and third.

Bulgaria Property, Property News

Veliko Tarnovo region marks a growth of 268 % in apartment construction

apartThe number of apartments, the construction of which started in the last trimester of 2013, has risen by 268 % compared to the same period of 2012. The data was released by the Regional Statistical Office in Veliko Tarnovo. The building of 23 blocks of flats with 70 apartments has started since October. Their total living area is 7082 sqm. The construction of another 26 non-residential buildings with 7835 sqm has also been commenced.

The building permissions issued in the last trimester of 2013 are for 28 blocks of flats with 75 apartments and 43 non-residential buildings with a total floorage of 15929 sqm.

Bulgaria Property, News, Property News

The heightened interest in property buying will increase even further

saleThe increased property seeking trend that has been felt on the Bulgarian real estate market will continue throughout the year. The prognosis was expressed by a leading real estate agency. The report it issued notes that property prices in the begininng of 2014 are considered to be at their most affordable rate for the last 10 years. Financial institutions are now offering better terms for their mortgage loans and are also prone to renegotiate the clauses of already existing ones; thus contributing to the property market revival. Continue Reading

Bulgaria Property, News, Property News

Bulgarian housing market revival continues

houseA growth of 5% is expected in the price of newly-built properties

Bulgaria is amongst the four European countries which marked an increase in the number of property purchases. The data was revealed by a leading real estate agency that operates in 14 European countries. The figures the agency disclosed show a rise of 43% in the number of houses and apartments bought in Bulgaria’s major cities in 2013 compared to 2012. Continue Reading

Bulgaria Property, News, Property News

Veliko Tarnovo is set to have new town centre

townThe building of new underground streets that will accommodate some of Veliko Tarnovo’s car traffic is one of the proposed ideas concerning the ‘face’ of the newly forming central part of Veliko Tarnovo. New pedestrian zones and town squares, as well as a new library, new museums, green areas, sports grounds and new state institution and department buildings will be set up above the underground streets. Architects have one more month to introduce their ideas about the look of the terrain that is said to become Veliko Tarnovo’s new, free of vehicles, town centre.

The Old Military Academy’s buildings and offices that were placed on this site before, were recently demolished. The better part of them was knocked down because of the new urban sewerage construction plans;.besides they were in ramshackle state. Because of the digging that took place for the pipe network some of the newly planned underpasses are already at hand.

Once all the architectural plans are entered into the competition and the most appropriate proposal is selected, Veliko Tarnovo municipality will start looking for project funding.