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Are British buyers coming back?

The UK economy growth of last year and the rising confidence in the UK housing market will make more Englishmen invest in vacation properties. The improving economics in Great Britain and the stronger pound sterling will probably back the growth of overseas real estate investments. Beside that the UK housing market is also recovering faster than the one on the Continent.

According to various consultant firms Britons will now start looking for vacation properties especially against the background of predictions about the pound sterling gaining strength against the euro. There are signs that average prices in some of their favourite destinations – Spain, Portugal, France and Bulgaria are increasing, so it’s starting to feel like a good time to buy now.

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New streets are to relief traffic within Veliko Tarnovo’s old historic quarter

vt2Plans for the building of new roads in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo were disclosed last week. They are set to solve the traffic issues that thousands of citizens of ‘Varusha’ quarter are encountering every day. The residential quarter that is remarkable for its architecture, namely houses built in tiers, is literally going to be unclogged. Ambulances, fire-fighters’ trucks and snow-ploughs will finally have access to the magnificent old quarter. Currently they can only get to the lower part of ‘Varusha’ and entering deeper along the narrow cobbled streets is virtually impossible

The building plans for the new lanes are ready. The total investment for setting up the new infrastructure will probably amount to 200,000 euro. The money is also going to be enough for the building of several parking lots. The new infrastructure will be beneficial for another neighborhood as well. Ten thousand people who live in ‘Kartala’ residential quarter will have alternative route to get to the town centre of Bulgaria’s old capital and to the renowned Tsarevets Fortress.

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Affluent neighbourhood is forming on top of one of Veliko Tarnovo’s hills

house3Luxurious houses with pools, set within a pine wood, are to form a rich neighbourhood on top of one of Veliko Tarnovo’s hills. There are already three projects that have been granted building permission. The 2-story high-end properties are equipped with pools and barbecues, and their living space spans at more than 200 sq .m. Beautiful terraced gardens are to enclose the houses. They will also benefit from a fantastic panoramic view of Tsarevets Fortress, Arbanasi and Sveta Gora.arbanassi

The area is promising of becoming the preferred place of living for the wealthy. A number of experts in architecture admit that the projects, when accomplished, are set to outdo everything done by now in Veliko Tarnovo concerning style, splendour and luxuriance.

According to real estate agents the location is top-notch and the asking price per sq. m. may surpass that in Arbanasi. The rich quarter will consist of 30 houses in total.

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Architects create model of buildings on Independence Str in Veliko Tarnovo

streetOwners of property in Veliko Tarnovo’s Nezavisimost Street and developers who want to build in the area will have to meet certain requirements for renovation and construction.


An expert team of architects Nikolay Malakov, Donka Koleva and Stefan Tangalov have prepared a scaled model of the original look of the historic street, as well as a set of requirements for developers, regarding the buildings height, elongation, façade, etc. Continue Reading

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Bulgaria Property Sales Rise In the 3rd Quarter

Veliko Tarnovo real estate

Veliko Tarnovo real estate

Bulgarian real estate market marked a growth of 1.42% in sales on an annual basis during the third quarter of 2013, reports

According to the English issue of the online media, during the third quarter a total of 59 475 Bulgarian properties were sold.

The property sales in the bigger regional cities account for 53% of the total national sales.

The highest price increase compared to the same period in 2012 is registered in Burgas, followed by Sofia and Plovdiv.


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Decline in the construction business

Construction in August has declined compared to July this year, and compared with the same month last year, according to the National Statistical Institute (NSI), reports Dnevnik.


Usually the summer months are the strongest in the sector because of the favourable weather conditions, but this August NSI reported shrinking in the construction of buildings and infrastructure.


Preliminary NSI data shows that in August 2013 the index of production in the sector, calculated on the basis of seasonally adjusted data, has dropped by 1% compared to the previous month, and by 9.5% from levels reported in August 2012.


Compared to July 2013 civil construction decreased by 1.1 % and building construction – by 0.8%. Compared to August 2012 the decline was respectively 12.3% and 7.2% .

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200 new apartments to be built in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko-Tarnovo-hero-686x262_tcm55-8834Construction project worth 7 million leva is set to finance the building of 200 new apartments in a new quarter of Veliko Tarnovo. The properties are to be built at the site of the former demolished Pharmacy Management quarters in Veliko Tarnovo, reports the local newspaper “Borba”. The information is provided by the “Construction and Spatial Planning” department in Veliko Tarnovo.

According to it, the papers for the new construction projects are already approved and signed. This is the first major site to be approved after the construction boom and the severe crisis that hit the industry.

In addition to the 200 apartments, the project includes the construction of a number of retail outlets, including a superstore, underground carpark and recreation areas. Office buildings are also going to be built and they would be accessed from Marmarliyska Street.