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Food chains most active in the commercial property market in Bulgaria

Cafes, restaurants and food chains are the type of businesses that have been moving the Bulgarian commercial property market in the last six months. The expansion of grocery stores and restaurants is also directed to commercial streets and at shopping malls, says in a Bulgarian retail market report for the first half of the year.

Banks and mobile network providers are also active on the market, but their activity is not due to their expansion, but rather to the optimization of costs and relocation, the report said.
There have not been any surprises in the market for commercial properties in Bulgaria for the first half of the year. Due to high levels of unemployment and the free space in modern shopping centres, the market continues to be rental-oriented, experts indicate.
Although rental rates have stabilized in recent months, the high competition in the market is expressed in different bonuses for tenants, such as gratis periods when they don’t have to pay rent.
In the first half, the average rental price for retail space in Sofia have fallen by 12% to about 28 Euros per square meter and by 16% to 12-16 Euros per square meter in other Bulgarian cities.
The price drop is mainly caused by the fact that many traders were able to renegotiate the rents for the areas used, due to increasing competition in the market, says the report.
Currently, there are 21 modern shopping centers  in Bulgaria and five retail parks with a total lettable area of 680k sqm. There are 9 malls under construction, and for Sofia only this lettable commercial space is expected to grow with another 180k sqm by the end of this year.
Next year in Sofia, the market will grow with additional 93k sqm of retail space in shopping malls. So for  every 1 000 people in the capital there will be more than 300 sqm of modern retail space. The country average for retail space per 1 000 people of the  population will be a little less than 100 sqm, if all construction projects are completed on time.

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Property in Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo…in the spotlight

The early Spring evening sky of Veliko Tarnovo, over the historic River Yantra Gorge and Statue of  The Asens, exploded into an eruption of powerful spotlights, piercing Lasers, strobe lights  and sound and music last night.

This is just a dress rehearsal for the evening celebrations of Veliko Tarnovo holiday on Thursday 22nd March.

Houses in Bulgaria are illuminated by lasers

A dazzling array of lasers and searchlights pierced the evening sky over Veliko Tarnovo. Photo property of Yantra Homes not to be re-produced without prior permission

Spotlights pick at the old revival Bulgarian houses
on the edge of The River Yantra
Photo property of Yantra Homes not to be
re-produced without prior permission

The rehearsal pleased local Veliko Turnovo residents and tourists who were lucky enough to be on the old historical Gurko Street, where typical old Bulgaria property built during the renaissance and pre-revival period nestle precariously on the cliff slopes and little streets by the river gorge.

This again shows what Veliko Tarnovo municipality are doing to arouse interest in this most historic town and region with numerous eco tourist attractions and cultural centres, towns and villages. Another attraction also to support a decision to buy a Real Estate in Bulgaria. Either a holiday home in Bulgaria or permanent living space in a Bulgarian property.


Eco Trail “Emen Canyon”

Destination: Emen

thumb_2948When we think of a canyon we will immediately associate it with running river through it. This is about River Negovanka  – a tributary of the River Rosica.

The Negovanka became popular for moulding such a picturesque gorge, to whose beauty you will touch only if you find at least a little enthusiasm in you to get away from the stress of your day and walk the distance of about two kilometres of the eco trail “Emen Canyon”.  The Negovanka takes its name from Latin roots, and means short river with a near source.

thumb_2946 The trail name comes from proximity to the village of Emen, near Veliko Tarnovo which in turn takes its name from its Turkish owner during the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria.  The trail along its full length follows the rocky edge of the canyon, and only inches separates the tourists from the edge of the abyss.  This certainly adds the right dose of adrenaline to feel any exclusivity to both the place and on your initiative. In some places the karst rocks reach a height of 50 meters and the overgrown vegetation transforms them into an incredibly beautiful sight.

As you walk on the one side of the canyon, your view will be tempted to jump on the opposite side where are a lot of cave openings, holes, and rocks will tease you with their charm.



    thumb_29461At the beginning of the trail is the Emen cave. It is 3113 meters long and occupies a seventeenth place in the list of the deepest caves in Bulgaria.


IMG_1432dHowever, remember that the most extreme experiences here require special training and equipment.  Therefore, it is best to proceed slowly and surely to the other end of Emen trail, because how else you will know what awaits you there? The road continues to follow the edge of the canyon and takes you through picturesque wooden bridges, which offer you dazzling and stunning views. Fear, admiration, wonder, contentment – you will feel all this, so all your senses will be equally satisfied and happy. Nature makes everyone silent witness to the eternal battle between strength and confidence of the stone and variable in its moods sparkling, clear water. Finally, carried away by the rapids of the river and trapped in your own perceptions, enchanted you approach the end of this eco trail. Din and noise of falling water majestically greeted you from afar. This is Momin leap – a waterfall with a height of 10 metres.

IMG_1458dViolent and uncontrollable water rapidly descends into a large pool, surrounded by steep high cliffs – a real prize for the eyes and soul after covering the unusual distance. Legend connects the name of the waterfall with three Bulgarian girls who didn’t want to accept the Turkish faith and together jumped from the rocks into the pool.



emen10Here, at the end of Emen Canyon – you can sit on a green meadow or on some felled from a storm tree for a deserved break and can convince yourself that you can never in your life see the American Grand Canyon, but should not miss the opportunity to fill the indescribable experiences of this unique eco trail.



emen6Description of location:
Village Emen is located about 20 km west from Veliko Tarnovo and 8 km from the main road Veliko Tarnovo – Sofia. In the village of Emen there are signs pointing to the beginning of the trail “Emen Canyon.”

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And here are 2 pictures of the Emen Canyon taken by one of our friends Jane Venter:
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