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Mancunian family picks Parvomaytsi for their home in Bulgaria

David and Barbara Starkey

David and Barbara Starkey

Meet Barbara and David Starkey, who have been living in Bulgaria for two years now. And they say they intend to stay here forever

David and Barbara, have picked Parvomaytsi, which within the limits of Gorna Oryahovitsa Municipality, for their home. Both retired, David  has worked as an engineer at the University of Manchester, while Barbara was a caregiver to the elderly.

David and Barb met online 5 years ago. On why they have purchased Bulgarian real estate, they say they’ve lived in a city before and have always wanted to move to the countryside. However, they couldn’t afford such type of real estate in the UK.

They’ve toured and camped most of Europe and Bulgaria, before settling to Veliko Tarnovo region. They’ve picked Parvomaytsi because of its regular bus connection to Gorna Oryahovitsa and Veliko Tarnovo, as well as a hardware store, a cafe and a GP.

Before coming to Parvomaytsi, they have considered living elsewhere in Bulgaria, but they wanted to settle in somewhere with a young population. They aren’t afraid of the cold winters in Bulgaria, having camped in their 22-year-old van at -22C.

Nowadays, David and Barbara are actively involved in the construction of their Bulgaria home.

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Bulgarian real estate prices with a slight drop

Bulgarian real estate

Bulgarian real estate

Economic forecasts for 2013 by leading Bulgarian real estate experts  do not indicate major trend changes in the property market this year.

Bulgarian property prices are expected to record a moderate decline until mid-2013 and then to plateau for the rest of 2013.

The demand in town property will be dominated by the Bulgarian buyers and will depend on the economic recovery, unemployment rates, household income and access to bank lending in the country.

In terms of vacation properties and holiday homes, Bulgaria will remain attractive for foreign home buyers from the UK, Russia, Greece, Turkey and Romania.

And while minimal changes are expected in residential properties, more significant changes are expected in the field of office/retail space and commercial properties.

Crucial factor in each market segment will continue to be the adequate pricing for the size and the state of the property, according to leading real estate agencies.


Winter fairy tale in Elena

snowy Elena Balkans

snowy Elena Balkans

Over 1,200 people are expected to stay in hotels and guest houses in Elena for the upcoming holidays.

All accommodations – hotels, guest houses – are completely booked for Christmas and New Year.  Elena Balkans are a preferred winter destination from locals and internationals alike.

Some of the guest houses serve the best Bulgarian food you can taste and have prepared authentic Christmas programme for visitors – traditional food, Bulgarian Christmas carol singers and much more.

Elena offers some of the most magnificent snowy landscapes you can observe.

Additionally, the Christmas Bazaar of Elena offers delicious Bulgarian cheese and meats, yoghurt, as well as Elena’s take on the traditional Bulgarian fiery spirit – rakia.

Traditionally, the New Year will be welcomed in the town centre with celebrations and fireworks at midnight.

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Carol singers at Veliko Tarnovo Mayor’s office


Little carol singers in traditional outfits at the mayor’s office

Cute carol-singers from a Veliko Tarnovo kindergarten knocked on the mayor’s office door. Dressed in traditional costumes with their heavy cloaks and pointy decorated caps, kids entertained visitors and employees of the City Hall.

The mayor Daniel Panov, his deputy Snejana Daneva and the head of Education department Penka Ignatova welcomed the little ones.

Children sang traditional Bulgarian Christmas carols, wishing everyone joy, happiness, health and success for the New Year.

A little girl, dressed in traditional costume, gave the mayor traditional bread, a handmade card and a traditional survaknitsa (a decorated cornel stick with which people tap on each other’s back, wishing health, happiness and prosperity).

In return, Daniel Panov treated them with sweets and books.

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Veliko Tarnovo Mayor champions review on logging activities in Bulgaria in 2013

Over the past few days the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Panov, organised and has been engaged in working meetings with representatives of the North Central Bulgaria regional forest management companies occupied in logging, the police, mayors and deputy mayors of towns and villages discussing the various problems caused by logging.

Mayor veliko turnovo

Daniel Panov, Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo

During these forums held in 23 towns and villages in the municipality of Veliko Turnovo the mayor heard numerous complaints about the way in which the lumber companies de-forest and transport the cut timber.

bulgaria veliko tarnovo land property real estate mayor ecology logging

More governance is required to stop this type of deforestation within the woodlands around Veliko Tarnovo

In many places, the main issue was the lack of regulation and control within the industry as a whole! The forests and woods are being “cut to the bone” which sadly can lead to landslides and the movement of cut timber by heavy lorries is visibly destroying road infrastructure and causing major damage to private homes in Bulgaria and agricultural Bulgarian Real Estate.

bulgaria veliko tarnovo land property real estate mayor ecology logging

Huge swathes of woodland and forest has been “removed to the bone” is this about to stop in Veliko Tarnovo?

The Mayor’s personal observations were non compliance with restrictive tonnage signs of trucks down secondary roads with weak bridges, distortion of the roads and pavements, damage to drainage and sewerage systems. “Investing in repairs of streets and roads while trucks demolish the same infrastructure. Landslides on roads and roads disappearing through landslides, Subsidence of private land and cracks in the walls of houses, and bridges being damaged too. A better co-ordination between all institutions and companies to improve the activity of logging is required as a whole” the mayor said.

bulgaria veliko tarnovo land property real estate mayor ecology logging

The local road infrastructure around Veliko tarnovo is only designed for light traffic, not masses of heavy logging trucks

Daniel Panov said to the company representatives at the meeting that the goal was not to interfere with their business but only to regulate all the activities that have a bearing on all stakeholders which includes protecting local communities and the public interest by complying with regulations, instead of creating problems by destroying infrastructure and private Bulgarian properties.

bulgaria veliko tarnovo land property real estate mayor ecology logging

Large old trucks designed to get into the forests

“It is not correct or fair that the profits of some cause problems and suffering for others and damage to public infrastructure. We need to discuss and put forward legislative changes, organise a consensus and have a full understanding and then agreement of all parties to resolve this important issue, “said the mayor.

bulgaria veliko tarnovo land property real estate mayor ecology logging

Landslides and a desert instead of woodland and forest, this is a scene which cannot be tolerated around Veliko Tarnovo

In conclusion it was agreed by December 27th necessary measures were to be drawn up with the intent to resolve these problems and by January 15th, 2013 to come up with a solution at the second meeting with all institutions and stakeholders.

By this time the Regional Directorate of the Interior Ministry will take action, said Chief Commissioner Zhivko Kotsev. Limited movement of heavy timber will be via regulated routes and crossings. Anyone who violates these routes shall have sanctions imposed upon them.