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Veliko Tarnovo real estate, new roads to recreation facilities 2013-2025 news

Veliko Tarnovo municipality has updated its latest Town and Country Development Plan (TCDP)

veliko turnovo

Veliko Tarnovo Town council will meet regarding the town and country plan

According to the Bulgarian Law on spatial planning and overall development in the municipality the general structure of the regional plan and overwhelming use of its constituent structural parts being; location and boundaries of urban areas, farmland, forests, protected areas, contaminated areas and those with special and mixed use.
The TCDP gives general regimes for each of these areas with targets, measures and requirements for conservation use, building and development, identify networks and technical infrastructure facilities and areas with perhaps predictable natural disasters and necessary preventive measures and ways of planning and protection.
TCDP development for the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has been done since 2006 adopted by the Town Council in April 2007. A preliminary draft TCDP was ready in 2008 and adopted by Town Council in 2009. In 2010 after a commission, an opinion needed to be sought on the environmental assessment . There have been meetings and coordination with environmental organisations, the guild of architects, the road agency, the Regional Directorate of Forestry, Water, Energy, National Institute of immovable cultural heritage, businesses, mayors and deputy mayors. Continue Reading


Good news for Bulgaria as debt-to-GDP ratio is tops in EU

More good news for Bulgaria and again a demonstration that Bulgarian real estate is a very worthwhile investment to base your small to medium enterprise (SME) in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is now ranking in 2nd place within the European Union in relation to the “debt-to-GDP ratio”, which is a recognised economic indicator of the health of a country’s economy, according to data supplied by Eurostat. In the third quarter of 2012 the correlation between debt and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 18,7%.

bulgaria economy veliko tarnovo property

Bulgaria economy, “debt-to-GDP ratio” shows Bulgaria is on the right track in Europe!

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Europe’s Recession Still Dragging Down House Prices In Most Markets

Bulgarian real estate

Bulgarian real estate

In 2013, real estate prices in Europe will continue to fall, predict analysts of the international credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s. The only exception would be Belgium, where property prices ​​continue to rise. The main reason for the pessimistic forecasts is the weak economic activity.

Since 2009, Belgium has been the only country that does not account for depreciation of homes, houses, offices and retail outlets. Belgian market, however, is also expected to account for delays in price growth this year.

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Hotspots – Bulgarian Properties near Monastery Town

Dryanovo Properties

Dryanovo Properties

If you are looking for a rural retreat located in a magical area, monastery towns in Bulgaria are great for that. Take a look at our pick of Bulgarian properties near a monastery hotspot, such as Dryanovo.


Bulgaria’s Orthodox religious beliefs are ingrained into the country’s rich cultural and historical heritage with around 120 monasteries hidden in remote mountains, surrounded by panoramic scenery and terrific natural setting. Each monastery is unique with its own intriguing history and architectural legacy.


Dryanovo is also situated at the northern foot of the Balkans near Gabrovo. It lies in a picturesque gorge close to the Dryanovo River, about 4 km away from the fascinating Dryanovo Monastery, which was established by two rebel bolyars from the former Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo.


The monastery provided shelter to many monks during the 14th century, however and the beginning of the 15th century, the monastery was destroyed by invading Ottoman troops. Later, in the 17th century, it was reconstructed to its present state. Its single nave was partly buried underground. The monastery became a religious and cultural centre boasting one of the largest and best preserved cloisters in the Veliko Turnovo region and today it as amongst Bulgaria’s most visited tourist sites.


Prices for renovated Bulgarian houses in this area stand at around the average for the whole country at 38,000 euros. You can still pick up a renovation bargain here for around 7,500 euros. Feel free to  have a look at our Dryanovo Properties


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American company maps the streets of Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo map

Veliko Tarnovo map

U.S. navigation company “Tele Atlas” are mapping the streets of Veliko Tarnovo. A special bus is touring the Old Bulgarian Capital, making digital images of streets, buildings, intersections, traffic signs, traffic lights and main elements of the town infrastructure.

The company aims at creating a dynamic digital map, which then will be uploaded to car sat-navs. This electronic guide targets foreigners and visitors of Veliko Tarnovo.

The company provides continuous positioning, which is controlled by three satellites. This way, no one will get lost and easily find the main attractions of the town, as well as any address in town.

Unlike traditional GPS system information, here you can see images of objects, thus making the orientation much easier.