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Emiliyan Stanev Museum House

emuseumEmiliyan Stanev Museum House is located at the beginning of the narrow Nikola Zlatarski Alley, close to the Samovodska Charshia square in Veliko Tarnovo. It was built on the same plot where the original house, where the writer was born in 1907 and lived until 1922, when he and his family moved to the town of Elena.

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The Wonderful Orlova Chuka Cave

caveOrlova Chuka (Орлова Чука in Cyrillic) is situated 45 km from Ruse and about 86 km from Veliko Tarnovo. It is one of the most interesting caves in Bulgaria. It was accidentally discovered by a shepherd named Stoyan Dimitrov in 1941.


The cave is formed by Cretaceous limestones deposited on the bottom of the ancient Sarmatian Sea. The cave galleries are formed much later as a result of karst processes occurred during the Quaternary.


Reportedly, skeletons of bears, spearheads, flint scrapers, axes, pieces of pottery have been unearthed, some dating back to the Eneolithic (Copper Age) and suggesting that the cave was inhabited by humans. Continue Reading


80% of tourists dislike the cigarette smoke in public places

fag80% of travellers do not like cigarette smoke in restaurants.


According to chairman of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents, Bayko Baikov, Bulgarian Tourism needs a complete ban on smoking in public places.


Baikov shared his views at the 13th annual meeting of the association in Veliko Tarnovo. According to him, visitors prefer to relax in a clean environment with clean air.


He also said that the increase in tourist numbers by 5-6 % during the winter was due to the smoking ban. Such was also the case in neighbouring countries who also reported an increase in tourists because of it.


The National Assembly is to discuss the partial removal of the ban in near future. The liberalization was rejected by the health committee, but supported by the economic.


Norwegian Financial Mechanism will support Bulgarian municipalities

euroNorwegian Financial Mechanism will fund the administrations of  Bulgarian municipalities with a project worth 1 million Euro to improve their administrative capacity for 30 months.  The project meeting was held in Veliko Tarnovo and was attended by representatives of the National Association of Municipalities, the Bulgarian Council of Ministers, the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities, the Norwegian Embassy and the Barents Secretariat.

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Bulgaria celebrates Leaders of the National Revival

heroNovember 1 in Bulgaria is celebrated as the Day of National Revival Leaders. On this day, Bulgarians commemorate the work of Bulgarian educators, writers, revolutionaries and holy leaders in reviving the national spirit under the Ottoman rule and the pursuit of education and literature.


The holiday is noted annually by torchlight processions and is a public holiday in Bulgaria. Initially the holiday celebrates the educational, religious and revolutionary figures of the Bulgarian National Revival during 18-19th centuries. In a broader sense, this public holiday celebrates all current and former school, literary, theatre, music, and cultural figures who, though unknown to the general public contribute to the case for the spiritual growth of the Bulgarians.


This day is proposed and introduced in 1922 by Stoyan Omarchevski, then Minister of Education in the Alexander Stamboliyski led government. They picked this date, because it is also the day of St. John of Rila  in the Orthodox Christian calender.

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Architects create model of buildings on Independence Str in Veliko Tarnovo

streetOwners of property in Veliko Tarnovo’s Nezavisimost Street and developers who want to build in the area will have to meet certain requirements for renovation and construction.


An expert team of architects Nikolay Malakov, Donka Koleva and Stefan Tangalov have prepared a scaled model of the original look of the historic street, as well as a set of requirements for developers, regarding the buildings height, elongation, façade, etc. Continue Reading

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Emen Cave, Veliko Tarnovo Area



The Emen Cave, located at the beginning of the Emen Walking Trails, is 3,113 meters long and ranks seventeen in the list of the deepest caves in Bulgaria.


In the past, the cave was used consistently as mushroom plantation, a warehouse for ripening cheese, and as a part of the military base, built above the cave. This explains the concrete slab at the entrance and the elevator shaft in the arch. Continue Reading