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Shopska salata – the Taste of Europe

The Bulgarian Shopska salata has no rivalry in the A Taste of Europe contest, organized by the European Parliament on its Facebook page; the competition features traditional recipes from the EU member countries. Everyone can cast their vote for one of the 28th national dishes. A taste of Europe is part of the efforts of the European Parliament to stimulate high turnout.

So far our traditional salad holds the first place with 14061 votes. The Cold beet soup from Lithuania is second with 2199; Romania’s Sweet cabbage rolls are currently third with 993 likes.

The goal of the European Parliament is to turn the European Elections into a celebration and show that the Old Continent is proud with its cultural diversity. The voting continues till 25th May, the date of the European Elections.

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The Mayor of Kavarna shows his rock and heavy metal memorabilia collection in Veliko Tarnovo

rockThe first of its kind travelling rock and heavy metal exhibition is to be shown at the end of this month in Veliko Tarnovo. It is owned by the Mayor of Kavarna Tsonko Tsnonev. The Mayor will put on display the relics from his private collection in a rock bar in the Old Capital of Bulgaria. The exposition will be opened on May, 30th.

rock2The one of its kind museum comprises of items that the Mayor has been gathering for the last eight years. Among  the exhibits is the guitar on which Manowar played rock version of the Bulgarian national anthem, Burn – the gold record of Deep Purple, of which there are only 50 copies in the world and a retro phone with the AC/DC logo on it, used by the so-called Metal Mayor to keep in touch with the band (this is a joke of course).

16 pieces in total will be shown to the guests and citizens of the town. The exhibits are all presents gifted by the numerous rock and heavy metal stars that have performed in Kavarna. Tsonko Tsonev has some of the items granted to charitable causes – the leather jacket of John Lawton was sold at a charity auction for nearly 800 euro. The Mayor’s collection also features a car with the autographs of legendary names like Alice Cooper, Udo Dirkschneider, Tarja Turunen, Scorpions, Glen Hughes, Ronnie James Dio, Simon Wright (AC/DC), Manowar and many other stars who have visited Kavarna. The precious autographs are signed on Mayor’s car dashboard and interior door panels. There are over 30 signatures in total but soon there will be lot more – the next edition of Kavarna rock fest in the Black sea resort will welcome eight rock and heavy metal bands, said the Metal Mayor. On June 27th, 28th and 29th the stadium in Kavarna will be the stage for Europe, Halloween, Sabaton and many more stars.


Veliko Tarnovo hosts a wine expo

images (10)Over 150 premium Bulgarian wines and fine alcoholic beverages will be presented at an exhibition that is first of its kind to ever happen in Veliko Tarnovo. There will be also be degustation of high-quality alcoholic drinks at the fair and the spirits will be available to be purchased straight from their producers at preferential prices.

The wine expo will be held under the slogan ‘New wines come with the spring’ and will be open for visitors on March, 21st and 22nd in Rafael Mihaylov Exhibition Halls. It is organized by a local company that deals with wine and alcoholic beverages distribution. Visitors are welcomed from 10 am till 19 pm; the entrance is free.

1280436590-wineTwenty Bulgarian producers of wines and alcoholic beverages will be present at the exposition. They will put on display young wines as well as vintage ones. Visitor will have the chance to see unique liquors such as the Special Troyan Plum Rakiya from 1989; a bottle of the 43% alcohol beverage is sold at a factory price of 155 lv. There will be also many other high-quality spirits like rums, liqueurs, vermouths and also lager from the local brewery. Exhibition guests will have the opportunity to consult different wine specialists, enologists and sommeliers.

According to experts, Bulgarians’ wine-drinking culture is improving; in their words lately there is an increased consummation of white and rosé wines. Wine quality is getting better and Bulgaria is now placed side by side with its wine competitors Italy and Spain.


‘My Garden’ Campaign starts in Veliko Tarnovo

rosesVeliko Tarnovo municipality is organizing ‘My Garden’ Campaign for the second time in a row. Its aim is to stimulate citizens’ activity to turn the spaces between residential buildings, allocated for growing flowers and decorative bushes, into beautifully arranged gardens.

House owners and representatives of homeowners associations in Veliko Tarnovo can take part in the contest. What they need to do is describe the plot which is to be cultivated, enumerate the plant species that are to be grown and present papers proving ownership or minutes from the Homeowners General Meeting.

Afterwards a special commission will inspect all enlisted participating yards. The project is part of Veliko Tarnovo’s efforts to win the ‘European capital of culture 2019’ contest. The objectives behind this particular activity are to show the empathy of the citizens to make the town a better place for living.

Fifteen applications were entered in the campaign last year. So far eleven of the projects are accomplished. The rest of them are to be finished in the next few months.

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British ex-pat creates Bulgarian folklore dance portal

andyAndy Richards from Wales has created a unique portal of Bulgarian folklore dancing, reports the Borba.


The British ex-pat has developed the site for free, gathered all the information about dance schools, clubs and events by himself, and will continue to maintain


He took up folklore dancing a year ago and has been a passionate dancer ever since in the local Pagane Club in Veliko Tarnovo.


He started to learn dancing every week, progressing quickly and he now knows about 50-60 types of folklore dancing. But since he is not that good, he wanted to gather lessons and videos in one place, so he could refer, re-watch and improve his dancing.


He began to educate himself in the kitchen, but the space proved too narrow. Andy bumped into the table and chairs, and his four-year old son, Ioan (John) intervened his rehearsals successfully. So Andy Richards decided he needed to go to horoteki (folklore dancing events, dance-off of sorts) to get better. But in order to do that he had to know where this is possible.

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Veliko Tarnovo real estate, new roads to recreation facilities 2013-2025 news

Veliko Tarnovo municipality has updated its latest Town and Country Development Plan (TCDP)

veliko turnovo

Veliko Tarnovo Town council will meet regarding the town and country plan

According to the Bulgarian Law on spatial planning and overall development in the municipality the general structure of the regional plan and overwhelming use of its constituent structural parts being; location and boundaries of urban areas, farmland, forests, protected areas, contaminated areas and those with special and mixed use.
The TCDP gives general regimes for each of these areas with targets, measures and requirements for conservation use, building and development, identify networks and technical infrastructure facilities and areas with perhaps predictable natural disasters and necessary preventive measures and ways of planning and protection.
TCDP development for the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has been done since 2006 adopted by the Town Council in April 2007. A preliminary draft TCDP was ready in 2008 and adopted by Town Council in 2009. In 2010 after a commission, an opinion needed to be sought on the environmental assessment . There have been meetings and coordination with environmental organisations, the guild of architects, the road agency, the Regional Directorate of Forestry, Water, Energy, National Institute of immovable cultural heritage, businesses, mayors and deputy mayors. Continue Reading