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A festival of International Folklore

Fancy a little culture then the international folklore festival begins this Saturday in the heart of Veliko Tarnovo.  It will last for a week and consist of music and dance from 9 different countries: Belgium, Brazil, Georgia, Italy, Columbia, Martinique, Mexico, Korea and the United States.  The youngest participant being only 8 years old from Martinique. The festival will begin with a parade along the main street before the official opening ceremony.  All presentations will be held in the summer theatre where we have opportunity to watch and hear traditional American country, Korean dancers with sails, flag throwers and Shamanic dances with 5000 years of tradition.  Sunday sees the 10th “Miss Festival”

On Sunday, July 19, and then on Friday, July 24, are two evenings devoted to traditional kitchens to sample the delights of Brazil and Columbia, and Mexico and Martinique.

Thank you to the organisers of the festival – it looks to be another great year.

New playgrounds in Elena

Ten new playgrounds are being built in the municipality of Elena.  They are being built under the project of the program for rural development.

Childcare facilities and pavements will meet all safety requirements.  There will be specially selected zones designed for two age groups – up to 5 years old and over. There is also access to the sites for children with disabilities.

In addition there will be another playground built in the city centre with shock absorbing flooring.

Dismantled equipment from any reconstructed objects will be repaired and used to equip other playgrounds in the city and some villages in the municipality.

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Bloom into summer with Yoga

dharmaYoga is in full bloom here in Veliko Tarnovo as the summer months bring Yoga Dharma to the beautiful mountain region of Vonesta Voda.  They have two options to enjoy your yoga practice here in Bulgaria.  Choose a themed holiday or opt for a more personalised yoga retreat with a smaller group.
Start your day with a stimulating yoga practice whetting your appetite for a freshly prepared breakfast which includes fresh juice made from the orchard.

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Making roads safer for pedestrians

trafficHorizontal road markings around the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo are to remain in better condition due to a “cold plastic” treatment – the process is slower but is guaranteeing greater durability.

Currently the road markings are wearing away due to weather and tyre traffic.  Therefore, Veliko Turnovo Municipality is appealing to citizens to submit specific alerts for missing or erased markings.  You can email

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New Cancer treatment centre will open in August

onkologia 13.07.The old radiotherapeutic oncology unit in Veliko Tarnovo has had a makeover and has already had installed state of the art equipment to treat cancers with a higher success rate.  The equipment ensures a 50 to 100% success rate.

The contract for the transformation was agreed in March 2012 and will be completed August this year (2015), where there will be a ‘cutting the ribbon’ ceremony to open the renovated healthcare facility.

The new equipment boasts the latest generation linear accelerator, CT scanner, as well as equipment that helps the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

“This type of equipment has a higher precision of radiation and preservation of surrounding organs outside the volume of irradiation,”

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Bulgarian Lev in Greece

Planning your summer vacation and wondering where to go – well it appears that the Bulgarian lev is now being accepted in Greece.  Apparently Euros are running so low in Greece that shops and restaurants are accepting Bulgarian and Turkish currencies.

Greece is rapidly running out of money and businesses and consumers are having to find new ways to attract tourists. The Bulgarian Lev is particularly appealing because it is pegged to the euro, meaning it’s easy and safe to convert prices. €1 is worth 1.95 Bulgarian Lev.


Lifestyle, Sports

A Yoga Union in Veliko Tarnovo

Becoming stronger as a team ASHTANGA YOGA VELIKO TARNOVO and YOGA CLUB BREATHE have joined forces to spread the love of yoga around Veliko Tarnovo.  The main studio is based on Ulitsa (street) Nish, just off Bulgaria Boulevard 29, but other venues are used around the surrounding areas. They offer weekly evening and weekend yoga classes including ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow yoga, hatha yoga and homeopathy sessions.  They also organise events with guest teachers and have recently joined in the biggest yoga event of 2015, both here in Bulgaria and also in the UK – (International yoga day which was held on June 21st).

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