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Nikyup – an ancient Roman town with a strong liking for watermelons

The people of the village boast not only with the remnants of the ancient Roman town of Nicopolis ad Istrum but also with the mass production of tasty watermelons

melonA village with ancient history is striving to turn the Bulgarian watermelon into a national symbol. The village of Nikyup, in Veliko Tarnovo district, is proud not only that the ancient town of Nicopolis ad Istrum once stood in the same location as the nowadays village but also with the mass production of the sweet fruit. Each summer the village hosts the Watermelon fete which attracts thousands of people. The mayor of Nikyup came up with the idea of a village organization based on the love towards the tasty summer treat. Nikyup and three more villages will make a union which will organize tours in all the Bulgarian settlements which have similar watermelon celebrations.fest2

The numerous foreign tourists who come to see Nicopolis ad Istrum each year will also find out why the locals take such a pride in watermelons when they taste the sweetest watermelons they have ever tried. The ancient Roman town itself is one of the most preserved in Eastern Europe and is just 2 km away from the village. The aim of the Mayor is to develop local rural and village tourism through the historical and cultural heritage of the Nikyup.

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More and more Russians are coming to Bulgaria

House KeyIt is not a secret to anyone that during recent years Russian buyers’ interest in acquiring properties in Bulgaria has heightened. Even the Ukrainian crisis is not affecting this trend. There is one change though but it is a positive one – until the end of last year people in the age range between 55 and 65 years were the most active participants on the property market. In the general case they wanted to find a home in the sunny country to spend their days when they retire. But the tendency has turned. There are now enquires from young families and potential buyer between 25 and 35. These are predominantly owners of small scale businesses like shops, restaurants and small family run enterprises who are looking to develop the same kind of activity in Bulgaria. There is also one more change and it is that Russians are no longer looking only for cheap properties – they are now willing to spend between 25 000 and 45 000 euro.

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Hemus highway route is now clear

The cost of the highway will amount to 1.5 billion lv without VAT

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The ‘Improved Blue Version’ is the chosen route.
Click on the image for a larger view of the map.

The main advantage of the newly chosen route is that it is going to pass along as many towns and villages as possible. The highway is to connect the capital of Bulgaria to the Black sea town of Varna. The completion of the motorway is expected to improve the economic state of three Bulgarian regions – the North-Western, the Northern Central and the North-Eastern. Up to 2,9 million people will have immediate use of the main arterial road.

Four alternative routes have been thoroughly reviewed. After the analysis two of the possibilities received even further examination. These are the ‘Improved Blue Version’ that passes at an equal distance by Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo and Lovech and the ‘Green Version’ that goes along the currently existing I-4 main road. The ‘Improved Blue Version’, which is the chosen one, is considered to be the best option even from an ecological point of view. Some of the villages in Veliko Tarnovo region that will be relatively close to the highway, when finished, are Varbovka, Butovo, Rositsa, Mihaltsi, Stambolovo, Vodoley, Resen, Nikyup, Paskalevets, Polski Senovets, Kutsina, Krusheto and Draganovo and also the town of Pavlikeni.

The construction of Hemus highway is going to be divided in 8 lots and will be completed in three stages. The end of March is the deadline for a construction firm, which will have to work out a plan for the execution of the first stage, to be picked out. The aim is for construction works to start in 2016 but it is still not clear where the funding for the project will come from.








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Bulgaria returns its place among the 10 most desired places for buying a vacation home by British buyers

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Traditional-styled Bulgarian house

Bulgaria moved 5 places upwards in the list with countries that Britons are most interested in to purchase a property. The data was released by a leading on line web portal that keeps track of British buyers’ countries of interest and property market trends. The chart is monthly and in February Bulgaria ranked 10th. In January the country was placed 15th.

Few years back it was usually placed within the first 5 positions; but last year it lost its ground and ranked 20th. For the first time since January 2013 Bulgaria gains back its position among the 10 most preferred destinations by Britons for buying a vacation home.

USA holds the number one spot with France and Spain second and third.

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Veliko Tarnovo region marks a growth of 268 % in apartment construction

apartThe number of apartments, the construction of which started in the last trimester of 2013, has risen by 268 % compared to the same period of 2012. The data was released by the Regional Statistical Office in Veliko Tarnovo. The building of 23 blocks of flats with 70 apartments has started since October. Their total living area is 7082 sqm. The construction of another 26 non-residential buildings with 7835 sqm has also been commenced.

The building permissions issued in the last trimester of 2013 are for 28 blocks of flats with 75 apartments and 43 non-residential buildings with a total floorage of 15929 sqm.