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The procedure for granting the Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport concession will be open within days


The airport in Gorna Oryahovitsa

So maybe you are fed up with the long waiting but reportedly the procedure for granting the concession for the management of the International Airport in Gorna Oryahovitsa will be open in a few days; the information was published in Trud Newspaper. The procedure is part of the Strategy for the development of the transport system of the Republic of Bulgaria until 2020. In the following days the Council of Ministers is expected to adopt a resolution to grant the management of the aerodrome to a financially stable private investor who is to strengthen the positions and widen the scope of the airport. The procedure itself will likely start in September and the concessionaire is expected to be chosen by the end of the year. Continue Reading

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The flags on the western and eastern exits of Veliko Tarnovo to be replaced

4a6fe6198a133_2_Podmiana-ulichni-lampiThe replacement of a total of 180 flags on the western and eastern exits of Veliko Tarnovo starts from today. They are suspended from post lamps which are also to be repaired and repainted. The colours of the European Union, Bulgaria and Veliko Tarnovo will meet and see off everyone entering or leaving the Old Capital of Bulgaria. The impeccable condition of these insignia is a must for the Municipality as they are an important part of the positive image of Veliko Tarnovo.

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Second Honey Fest in Elena

During last year’s festival

The second Honey feast in the town of Elena will take place on July, 25th (Saturday) from 10.30 am at the town’s square. Many folklore singers and musicians as well as dance formations will take part in the celebrations. Visitors will hear interesting facts about honey, honey products and bees. They will also be presented with the opportunity to taste different types of honey – linden, acacia, honey dew and thistle. Continue Reading

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A bust sculpture of Hristo Botev to be installed in Veliko Tarnovo


Hristo Botev, 1848 – 1876

A monument of Hristo Botev will be installed in the garden with the beautiful magnolia tree next to the Central Post Office, local news agencies announced. The idea has existed for years, but only now it received the approval of the town administration. The bust and the plinth are ready for a long time now and only waited for the above mentioned approval. The town is one of only few left in Bulgaria without a sculpture of Botev. As it is well known the wife and daughter of the renowned Bulgarian poet and revolutionary, Veneta and Ivanka, lived in Veliko Tarnovo. The Old Capital was also the first town in Bulgaria to celebrate June 2nd as the Day of Botev and those who died for the freedom of their homeland; that happened in 1887.

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Participants from 32 countries are coming for the International seminar in Bulgarian language and culture


University of Veliko Tarnovo

Over 100 participants are coming to Veliko Tarnovo for the XXXVIII International seminar in Bulgarian language and culture. It is starting today and will last until August, 9th; it will be hosted by St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo. The seminar gathers students, PhD candidates, lecturers as well as people from various occupations showing interest in this field. The participants are coming from 32 counties with the youngest one being just 17 years old and the oldest one being 69. Continue Reading

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Again promises for rehabilitation of Magistralna Street


Magistralna Street

The renovation of the entire Magistralna Street – from Metro Cash & Carry Store all the way to the South Junction – is reportedly under planning at the moment according to a local newspaper. The lot is part of the national road system and accommodates all the traffic between Sofia and Varna. The road hasn’t seen proper rehabilitation for the last 15 years and its state in some part is just tragic. Continue Reading

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Price of land near Veliko Tarnovo is on the rise

magiNow that it became clear that Hemus Highway will pass about 20 km north from Veliko Tarnovo, the price of land around the old capital rose significantly. Plots are now sold for 1500 leva per 1000 sqm; as a year ago they rarely exceeded 1,200 leva per 1000 sqm. Agricultural plots of land near the town of Pavlikeni and the village Nikyup are the most sought after. There are expectations their value will go even higher.

After the last alterations it was decided that the route of the highway will now go past Pavlikeni, reaching 20 km away from Veliko Tarnovo – north of Resen and south of Nikyup.  Continue Reading