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Fifty shades of red or how to create a unique bedroom

The modern bedroom – a room for pleasure and passion.


If you live on the planet Earth there is no way not to nave heard of the hit movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.” You may ask, but where is the red? Here comes the catch, those of you who have seen the movie will know about the red room, but if you’re one of the few who do not know what this is all about, then in the following lines you will learn something new and interesting.

The bedroom is the room where you certainly spend at least a third of your life. Then why not make it a place not only for sleep but for fun?

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Design and furnishing, Useful

Unique renovation of two centuries old house

Interesting idea how to turn an old house into a modern home.

 57cb2fe2bfcda444aa84db75a348e5ab_1You bought old but unique in its appearance house and want to turn it into something new, but to keep its spirit? In the following article you will understand how some young architects have achieved this. And why not to borrowed some of their ideas and combine them with your own preferences.


The renovation of this house two centuries begins with the idea to change only the interior and outside of it to preserve its authenticity. The design is fairly minimalist, but is decorated with style.


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British ex-pat creates Bulgarian folklore dance portal

andyAndy Richards from Wales has created a unique portal of Bulgarian folklore dancing, reports the Borba.


The British ex-pat has developed the site for free, gathered all the information about dance schools, clubs and events by himself, and will continue to maintain


He took up folklore dancing a year ago and has been a passionate dancer ever since in the local Pagane Club in Veliko Tarnovo.


He started to learn dancing every week, progressing quickly and he now knows about 50-60 types of folklore dancing. But since he is not that good, he wanted to gather lessons and videos in one place, so he could refer, re-watch and improve his dancing.


He began to educate himself in the kitchen, but the space proved too narrow. Andy bumped into the table and chairs, and his four-year old son, Ioan (John) intervened his rehearsals successfully. So Andy Richards decided he needed to go to horoteki (folklore dancing events, dance-off of sorts) to get better. But in order to do that he had to know where this is possible.

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First charity shop in Veliko Tarnovo

The first charity shop was opened by the “Priateli / Friends” Foundation in Veliko Tarnovo.

This newly open charity shop fits in 20 sqm of space, where volunteer sells clothing, books, toys and other donations to gether funds for charity.

Christine Fox is a retired teacher living in Bulgaria and the founder of “Priateli / Friends.” She moved here 6 years ago and priateli is one first Bulgarian words she learns and she says it is the most accurate word to convey idea of ​​non-traditional store.

Besides clothes, books and toys, the shop sells home appliances, necessities for children and disabled people, as well as home-made jam prepared by her daughter.

The funds collected go to orphanages in the area, as well as to people in need in less populated areas. The shop is run by volunteers who generously donate their time and efforts. 

Sofia is the mother of two children and a CIT teacher at a local school. She is the only Bulgarian who helps in the store. She says Bulgarians still remain very sceptic to the idea and purpose of charity shops.

Charity has become a way of life for the volunteers of “Friends” and hope to promote the idea of ​​cooperation in Veliko Tarnovo.


Artists of Veliko Tarnovo have figured out how to get rid of utilitarian eyesores

While I ago, when I moved back to the City of Tsars, I started noticing and taking pictures of the quirky art I was seeing on the walls of abandoned Bulgarian houses, electrical posts and panels.

Seems like entrepreneurial young artists, studying/living here, have figured out how to get rid of utilitarian eyesores and scratch their graffiti itch at the same time. These fun spirits leave their mark on a city that needs a bit of colour.

Victoria, Gergina and Lora turn electrical panels in Veliko Tarnovo into quirky and fun art. They paint a variety of images on them – human faces, geometric shapes and abstract paintings – and turn them into beautiful and interesting works of art.

They say they look for something ugly to be turned it into something beautiful. They think electrical panels are especially ugly, often with posted bills, notes or obituaries.

All three study Arts at the University in Veliko Tarnovo and come from different parts of Bulgaria. They do it out of their wish to express themselves. They work in daylight, when people can see them change the face of the panels.

Before starting work, they usually clean the panels and spend a reasonable time envisioning their projects. Artists use acrylic paints, which endure rain and snow.

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