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British ex-pat creates Bulgarian folklore dance portal

andyAndy Richards from Wales has created a unique portal of Bulgarian folklore dancing, reports the Borba.


The British ex-pat has developed the site for free, gathered all the information about dance schools, clubs and events by himself, and will continue to maintain


He took up folklore dancing a year ago and has been a passionate dancer ever since in the local Pagane Club in Veliko Tarnovo.


He started to learn dancing every week, progressing quickly and he now knows about 50-60 types of folklore dancing. But since he is not that good, he wanted to gather lessons and videos in one place, so he could refer, re-watch and improve his dancing.


He began to educate himself in the kitchen, but the space proved too narrow. Andy bumped into the table and chairs, and his four-year old son, Ioan (John) intervened his rehearsals successfully. So Andy Richards decided he needed to go to horoteki (folklore dancing events, dance-off of sorts) to get better. But in order to do that he had to know where this is possible.

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First charity shop in Veliko Tarnovo

The first charity shop was opened by the “Priateli / Friends” Foundation in Veliko Tarnovo.

This newly open charity shop fits in 20 sqm of space, where volunteer sells clothing, books, toys and other donations to gether funds for charity.

Christine Fox is a retired teacher living in Bulgaria and the founder of “Priateli / Friends.” She moved here 6 years ago and priateli is one first Bulgarian words she learns and she says it is the most accurate word to convey idea of ​​non-traditional store.

Besides clothes, books and toys, the shop sells home appliances, necessities for children and disabled people, as well as home-made jam prepared by her daughter.

The funds collected go to orphanages in the area, as well as to people in need in less populated areas. The shop is run by volunteers who generously donate their time and efforts. 

Sofia is the mother of two children and a CIT teacher at a local school. She is the only Bulgarian who helps in the store. She says Bulgarians still remain very sceptic to the idea and purpose of charity shops.

Charity has become a way of life for the volunteers of “Friends” and hope to promote the idea of ​​cooperation in Veliko Tarnovo.


Artists of Veliko Tarnovo have figured out how to get rid of utilitarian eyesores

While I ago, when I moved back to the City of Tsars, I started noticing and taking pictures of the quirky art I was seeing on the walls of abandoned Bulgarian houses, electrical posts and panels.

Seems like entrepreneurial young artists, studying/living here, have figured out how to get rid of utilitarian eyesores and scratch their graffiti itch at the same time. These fun spirits leave their mark on a city that needs a bit of colour.

Victoria, Gergina and Lora turn electrical panels in Veliko Tarnovo into quirky and fun art. They paint a variety of images on them – human faces, geometric shapes and abstract paintings – and turn them into beautiful and interesting works of art.

They say they look for something ugly to be turned it into something beautiful. They think electrical panels are especially ugly, often with posted bills, notes or obituaries.

All three study Arts at the University in Veliko Tarnovo and come from different parts of Bulgaria. They do it out of their wish to express themselves. They work in daylight, when people can see them change the face of the panels.

Before starting work, they usually clean the panels and spend a reasonable time envisioning their projects. Artists use acrylic paints, which endure rain and snow.

Images: Author.


SEE a Paris in Veliko Tarnovo – Southeastern Film Festival


Southeastern Film Festival SEE a Paris will be held in Veliko Tarnovo from the 21st to 23rd February. The event is a part of the project “Veliko Tarnovo region – a candidate for European Cultural Capital 2019”.

The guest festival will present 7 feature films from Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria. The movies are among the winners of the SEE a Paris held in Paris last May.

SEE a Paris is a special attempt of the 12 Southeastern European countries to contribute to the cultural heritage and unity of Europe. The festival was founded by the  University of Audiovisual Arts, ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York and features movies, shorts, documentaries and animated films from the Balkans.



Ancient Roman Town near Veliko Tarnovo to be restored

The Roman Town Nove

The Roman Town Nove

The ancient Roman town of Nove will be restored, according to Svishtov Municipality officials. The restoration project is funded by the EU Operational Programme Regional Development. The archaeological site is an hour away from the Old Bulgarian Capital Veliko Tarnovo and 4 km from Svishtov.

The charming town of Svishtov is situated at the southernmost point of the Danube, and boast with beautiful Bulgarian houses and traditional Bulgarian properties (you can browse our Yantra Homes catalogue for Svishtov Properties here).

Project aims to boost tourism in Svishtov, which is why the renovation works at the site also include the building of an open air-stage where Roman military re-enactments, competitions and plays will take place.

The project, named “Nove – The Heart of the Legion”, is also aimed at conserving and restoring the ruins, as well as improving the overall infrastructure at and to the site.

The Ancient site of Nove was declared an architectural monument of national importance in 1968. For several years now, it has also served as an open air venue for the Festival of Ancient Heritage, during which one can enjoy re-enactments of  ancient Roman and Greek battles as described by Greek and Romans authors and historians.

The project is expected to be completed in 24 months.

This is how Nove is expected to look like

This is how Nove is expected to look like

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Veliko Tarnovo – the best Bulgarian town to live in!

New museum in Veliko Turnovo for 2013

Tsarevets Castle

Veliko Tarnovo is competing to be the best place to live in Bulgaria. The poll is organised by a national radio and a  daily.

The best city to live is determined by a national survey. For a month and a half, the 2 media outlets will be gathering all sorts of information about the living quality and standards in towns all over Bulgaria.

Criteria such as investments, bicycle lanes, number of kindergartens, stray dogs, unemployment rates, sports facilities, parking issues, free Wi-Fi from a total of 29 will be taken into consideration

27 regional towns are participating in the battle for the best city to live. Naturally, the city with the highest number of votes will receive a special prize. Veliko Tarnovo has been voted “most beautiful Bulgarian town” for 2008 and 2010!

Currently the town is in the top 10, beating the capital which is ranked 21st!

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Veliko Tarnovo real estate, new roads to recreation facilities 2013-2025 news

Veliko Tarnovo municipality has updated its latest Town and Country Development Plan (TCDP)

veliko turnovo

Veliko Tarnovo Town council will meet regarding the town and country plan

According to the Bulgarian Law on spatial planning and overall development in the municipality the general structure of the regional plan and overwhelming use of its constituent structural parts being; location and boundaries of urban areas, farmland, forests, protected areas, contaminated areas and those with special and mixed use.
The TCDP gives general regimes for each of these areas with targets, measures and requirements for conservation use, building and development, identify networks and technical infrastructure facilities and areas with perhaps predictable natural disasters and necessary preventive measures and ways of planning and protection.
TCDP development for the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has been done since 2006 adopted by the Town Council in April 2007. A preliminary draft TCDP was ready in 2008 and adopted by Town Council in 2009. In 2010 after a commission, an opinion needed to be sought on the environmental assessment . There have been meetings and coordination with environmental organisations, the guild of architects, the road agency, the Regional Directorate of Forestry, Water, Energy, National Institute of immovable cultural heritage, businesses, mayors and deputy mayors. Continue Reading