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Winter fairy tale in Elena

snowy Elena Balkans

snowy Elena Balkans

Over 1,200 people are expected to stay in hotels and guest houses in Elena for the upcoming holidays.

All accommodations – hotels, guest houses – are completely booked for Christmas and New Year.  Elena Balkans are a preferred winter destination from locals and internationals alike.

Some of the guest houses serve the best Bulgarian food you can taste and have prepared authentic Christmas programme for visitors – traditional food, Bulgarian Christmas carol singers and much more.

Elena offers some of the most magnificent snowy landscapes you can observe.

Additionally, the Christmas Bazaar of Elena offers delicious Bulgarian cheese and meats, yoghurt, as well as Elena’s take on the traditional Bulgarian fiery spirit – rakia.

Traditionally, the New Year will be welcomed in the town centre with celebrations and fireworks at midnight.

If you’d like to treat yourself to winter fairy tale in the Balkans, have look at some of our Bulgarian houses and  character properties. Have a look through some of our Elena Properties.

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Carol singers at Veliko Tarnovo Mayor’s office


Little carol singers in traditional outfits at the mayor’s office

Cute carol-singers from a Veliko Tarnovo kindergarten knocked on the mayor’s office door. Dressed in traditional costumes with their heavy cloaks and pointy decorated caps, kids entertained visitors and employees of the City Hall.

The mayor Daniel Panov, his deputy Snejana Daneva and the head of Education department Penka Ignatova welcomed the little ones.

Children sang traditional Bulgarian Christmas carols, wishing everyone joy, happiness, health and success for the New Year.

A little girl, dressed in traditional costume, gave the mayor traditional bread, a handmade card and a traditional survaknitsa (a decorated cornel stick with which people tap on each other’s back, wishing health, happiness and prosperity).

In return, Daniel Panov treated them with sweets and books.


Facelift for Famous Veliko Tarnovo Hill

The site of Boruna with the Art Museum and the Asenevtsi Monument

Boruna, the area around the Asenevtsi Monument and the “Boris Denev” Art Museum, is to become the new Veliko Tarnovo tourist hotspot. This is part of the multinational development project titled “Cultural Heritage as Focal Point of Sustainable Tourism”, where Veliko Tarnovo partners with Greece, Romania, Germany, Austria and Italy. The fourth expert meeting was held in the Italian town of Bari.

The whole project will cost 2.5 million Euro under the Transnational Cooperation Programme for South Eastern Europe. From this budget, Veliko Tarnovo is to receive € 235 262.

Experts from Berlin Technical University and Vienna University of Urban Development have visited Veliko Tarnovo this summer to analyse the site of Boruna. They found holes under the rocks; there is a car tunnel and a rail road tunnel passing under the site and the slope of the rock isn’t very stable.

The 30,000-sqm site is to be further examined by geology and geodesy experts and a technical audit of the Stambolov Bridge is due, in order to estimate the funds that are going to be spent for the development of the site.

There is also going to be an environmental assessment of the area, as well as energy efficiency assessment of the “Boris Denev” Art Museum. These are to estimate the renovation costs of the building.

All expert studies should be ready by the end of May, 2013.

The aim is to have a development concept for the site by the end of 2013, in order to increase its attractiveness.

Partners in the project are unanimous that Boruna is going to be the new tourist and social hub of Veliko Tarnovo, where exhibitions, art installations, outdoor concerts and even fashion shows are to be held.


Vienna Mozart Orchestra in Veliko Tarnovo

The Vienna Mozart Orchestra have arrived to Veliko Tarnovo, adding up to the festive atmosphere going round the town.

They will put on a special concert for the connoisseurs of classical music on December, 10. The Christmas concert will take place in Vasil Levski Sports and Culture Hall at 7 pm.

The orchestra were invited to the Old Bulgarian capital by Mayor Daniel Pavlov.

The musicians from the Vienna Mozart Orchestra will be dressed in authentic costumes and wigs from the 18th century. They have required additional room to store their props, authentic wigs and costumes, as these are insured at a high value.

Cocktails will be served to guest an hour before the beginning of the concert. Tickets can be purchased at the Veliko Tarnovo TIC, Germanos Shops, Office 1, OMV and online at

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Why choose Veliko Tarnovo Real Estate for Second Bulgaria Techno-Park?

I read with interest the view of Delyan Dobrev with regards to the development of a 2nd Technology Park.

agribusiness estate in veliko tarnovo

Delyan Dobrev has a good point regarding a 2nd Techno Park in Bulgaria

Should a second one ever be developed, since the 1st one is to be built in Sofia next to the Bulgarian capital city’s Tsarigradsko Chaussee Boulevard, Sofia Tech Park, a 100 million leva (50 million euro) project. Comprising of new real estate in Bulgaria, the first stage of Sofia Tech Park would accelerate innovation in information and communication technology, confirmed President Rossen Plevneliev in June this year. When completed, the park will include state of the art Bulgarian real estate comprising; offices, a technology centre and a museum. The aim of this project will be to make Bulgaria a regional leader in IT.

However, we must agree that Bulgaria as a nation proudly hosts some of the most fertile soils and is able to become a European regional leader in Agribusiness development, or (for the uninitiated) the amalgamation of agriculture and business, with specific reference to the range of activities and knowledge encompassed by modern food and beverage production. So yes, it makes absolute sense to develop a 2nd Technology Park focused on agribusiness technology as per Minister of Economy, Energy, and Tourism Delyan Dobrev said just over a week ago.

The only opinion I have which is different to the Ministers’ is the location! Speaking during an international forum on industry and innovations, he was adamant that if such a project was given the go ahead, it would be developed near the city of Plovdiv to host agribusiness companies. Now I am aware that there is the International Fair Plovdiv which hosts the AGRA exhibition, International Agricultural Exhibition and BioAgra – Trade Exhibition of Organic Farming, however the International Fair also hosts the ITALIAN FESTIVAL OF BEAUTY AND HAIR-STYLE (International Exhibition of Hairdressing, Beauty, Make-up, Perfumery and Fashion), C.A.C. & C.A.C.I.B (International Dog and Cat Shows), MEDICUS DENTO GALENIA (International Exhibition of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutics), FOODTECH (International Exhibition of Food & Drinks, Packaging, Machines and Technologies) and INTERMIN EXPO (International Exhibition of Mining Industry) to name but a few. Plovdiv appears to get its fair share of exhibitions and companies based there would specifically be related to machinery, mining, power engineering and ecology and of course wine making in the Thracian Plain.

So what about looking to the North Central area of Bulgaria, commonly known as the Danubian Plain, spanning from Dobrich to Pleven and in the centre is the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo which is positioned adjacent to Gorna Oryahovitsa. This town used to be the centre of rail transportation across Bulgaria and its borderline neighbours and food processing and export used to be one of its main activities after harvesting crops from the plain and surrounding lands. Not only has it retained its centre of rail infrastructure (all be it in need of modernisation) it also has a fully operational International airport, which those of you who read my blogs frequently will recall that a letter of intent has allegedly been lodged regarding the purchase of the concession. Therefore the region of Veliko Turnovo has a recent historical pedigree in agribusiness and sits adjacent to some of the most fertile open tracts of land and estate in Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo is home to the 2nd largest university in Bulgaria after Sofia, the St. Cyril and St. Methodius University. Veliko Tarnovo is in the centre of Bulgaria on major cross roads and there is also an abundance of wine production in the region and acres of forestry.

Veliko Tarnovo location for Bulgaria 2nd Technical Park

The site of Vasil Levski Military University would be perfect for a Agribusiness based Technical Park

Last but by no means least is the fact that there is a huge plot of land, prime Veliko Tarnovo Real Estate, many commercial and educational properties lying empty and yet built soundly which would immediately lend themselves for use as an Agribusiness based Technology Park, being ecologically and environmentally friendly, through not having to demolish and start again.

 techno park bulgaria veliko tarnovo

Great location and campus for a new Agrobusiness Technology Park

Its actually already a campus and this use would fit into the towns spatial development plan. The site is the Vasil Levski national military university and academy site to the west of the town, adjacent to the site are hectares of land which would be suitable for crop research and development. The site can be seen on the satellite image outlined in red.