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Veliko Tarnovo celebrates Baba Marta!

Granny March, or as we call her Baba Marta, will be going round the streets and parks of Veliko Tarnovo, giving away her favourite red and white symbols of health and the coming spring.

Who is Baba Marta?

March 1st is probably the most anticipated and joyous holiday, marking the coming of spring! Today is known as Baba Marta Day. Granny March is a mythical figure from the Bulgarian folklore, who is believed to put an end to the reign of Zlata Zima (the Evil Winter/January) and Maluk Sechko (a name given to the month of February, which is believed to be the coldest winter month). Bulgarians mark this day by exchanging martenitsi.

A martenitsa (plural martenitsi) is a small piece of adornment, made of white and red yarn and worn until the person sees a budding/blossomed tree, a stork or a sparrow. When you see those, you either tie your martenista to a/that blossomed tree or hide it under a rock.

They say if you see the stork while in the air, you’ll have a busy productive year; and if you see the stork while on the ground, you’re going to be lazy this year.

The symbolism behind red and white

Red symbolizes life, health and passion, while the white colour symbolizes purity. Some suggest that those colours symbolize the cycle of life and death, the balance between good and evil.

The legend of Pizhu and Penda

Pizhu and Penda, variations

Pizhu and Penda, variations

Pizho and Penda are a couple that lived in Bulgaria a long time ago. Pizho was a handsome, smart and humble young man who was famous for his hard work and helpful sweet personality. Everybody in the village knew him. He was a very hard-working and never kept in one place – he alwaysr helped someone and toured the village. That’s why his cheeks were always red. Pizho fell in love with the beautiful Penda at first sight.

Penda was the most beautiful girl in the whole district. She had an honest and humble soul, she was a good and very honest girl. Her hair was black and her skin was the fairest anyone has ever seen. Pizho was fascinated by her beauty and asked for her hand. Penda had also chosen Pizho as his companion.

So they married and threw a big wedding, inviting several villages. People who loved the couple decided to immortalize them in two martenitsa pieces – the red man and the white bride.

Today Pizho & Penda watch us every year from the martenitsi, to remind us that the power of love ennobles human beings and makes them immortal.


Good news for Bulgaria as debt-to-GDP ratio is tops in EU

More good news for Bulgaria and again a demonstration that Bulgarian real estate is a very worthwhile investment to base your small to medium enterprise (SME) in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is now ranking in 2nd place within the European Union in relation to the “debt-to-GDP ratio”, which is a recognised economic indicator of the health of a country’s economy, according to data supplied by Eurostat. In the third quarter of 2012 the correlation between debt and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 18,7%.

bulgaria economy veliko tarnovo property

Bulgaria economy, “debt-to-GDP ratio” shows Bulgaria is on the right track in Europe!

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Europe’s Recession Still Dragging Down House Prices In Most Markets

Bulgarian real estate

Bulgarian real estate

In 2013, real estate prices in Europe will continue to fall, predict analysts of the international credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s. The only exception would be Belgium, where property prices ​​continue to rise. The main reason for the pessimistic forecasts is the weak economic activity.

Since 2009, Belgium has been the only country that does not account for depreciation of homes, houses, offices and retail outlets. Belgian market, however, is also expected to account for delays in price growth this year.

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American company maps the streets of Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo map

Veliko Tarnovo map

U.S. navigation company “Tele Atlas” are mapping the streets of Veliko Tarnovo. A special bus is touring the Old Bulgarian Capital, making digital images of streets, buildings, intersections, traffic signs, traffic lights and main elements of the town infrastructure.

The company aims at creating a dynamic digital map, which then will be uploaded to car sat-navs. This electronic guide targets foreigners and visitors of Veliko Tarnovo.

The company provides continuous positioning, which is controlled by three satellites. This way, no one will get lost and easily find the main attractions of the town, as well as any address in town.

Unlike traditional GPS system information, here you can see images of objects, thus making the orientation much easier.

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Bulgarian real estate prices with a slight drop

Bulgarian real estate

Bulgarian real estate

Economic forecasts for 2013 by leading Bulgarian real estate experts  do not indicate major trend changes in the property market this year.

Bulgarian property prices are expected to record a moderate decline until mid-2013 and then to plateau for the rest of 2013.

The demand in town property will be dominated by the Bulgarian buyers and will depend on the economic recovery, unemployment rates, household income and access to bank lending in the country.

In terms of vacation properties and holiday homes, Bulgaria will remain attractive for foreign home buyers from the UK, Russia, Greece, Turkey and Romania.

And while minimal changes are expected in residential properties, more significant changes are expected in the field of office/retail space and commercial properties.

Crucial factor in each market segment will continue to be the adequate pricing for the size and the state of the property, according to leading real estate agencies.