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A blue mood over car parking

Complaints are flooding in about Blue Zone parking in Veliko Tarnovo.  Residents are resenting having to pay for parking outside their own homes.  The largest problems are occurring in the old part of town and directly in the centre.  The local administration explained that tourism brings in trade and therefore tourists must have somewhere to park close to amenities and attractions.

There is a petition from locals demanding that there are alternative solutions as to where to park their cars. There was a possibility of a small parking lot in front of Tsaravets, but there is an ongoing discussion about this issue.  Further to this point is an option to build new underground and surface parking lots, including multi-storey car parking to alleviate problems with the battle for car parking spaces.

Food and Drink

Free bread distribution around VT

A bakery in Veliko Tarnovo is distributing FREE bread to anyone who maybe in need.  The euro initiative project is setting up mobile teams to visit the districts of Veliko Tarnovo and  the villages around the entire municipality.  Anyone can apply to receive the free bread supplies but the main beneficiaries are the poor and those with social benefits.  The initiative will last two weeks starting from today.  There is already an established schedule of locations and times to promote the “Campaign of free Bread”


Enjoy the summer – stay hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.  The hot weather is set to stay and is already affecting lots of people around Veliko Tarnovo.  The department of cardiology and rheumatology has seen an increase in patients over the last few days.  Those most at risk are those with heart problems and are warned to avoid being in direct sunshine from 10:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon, stay in cool rooms with air conditioning if possible, wear clothes made of natural fabrics, wear sunglasses and a hat.
Enjoy the summer – but do it sensibly.

New online tax payments

Taxes for property and vehicles can now be paid online here in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.  This is also true for municipalities of Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv. This online service was commissioned in May but has currently been upgraded to make life easier, particularly for those living in the villages.  Everything can be accessed through the Revenue Agency website (NRA) and in the coming months the software will expand to other municipalities.

You can obtain a free personal identification code (PIC) from any NRA office to assess your information and make payments.  For further information about this new service phone 18 700 0700 NRA.


The new ‘ElektroBus’ is here

A race of power yesterday between Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa.  A new environmentally friendly bus was presented by the mayors of the two municipalities.  Each mayor gave a press conference about the implementation of the electric bus between the two cities explaining that the running cost will dramatically reduce by 6 times than the standard diesel buses.
Veliko Tarnovo is amongst the cities that will receive priority funding and will be able to apply for about 10 elektrobuses.