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Veliko Tarnovo makes it to the finals for European Cultural Capital 2019

gurkoVeliko Tarnovo made it to the finals in of the race for European Capital of Culture 2019. The great news became clear yesterday when the Ministry of Culture announced the results from the first stage of  the procedure.

Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo all pass onto the next stage of the race. Burgas, Shumen, Ruse and Gabrovo dropped from the competition.


Veliko Tarnovo to promote tourist, natural and cultural attractions along the International Transport Corridor No.9

Veliko Tarnovo will promote its tourist, natural and cultural attractions by creating special lay-bys along the International Transport Corridor No.9


The municipality is one of the twelve project partners in the Common Strategy for Sustainable Territorial Development of the cross-border area Romania-Bulgaria.


The total project cost is € 6,889,500, € 367,016 of which are funding for the municipality. The old Bulgarian capital is the only Bulgarian partner of the Romanian-Bulgarian project.


The special road exits or lay-bys called hubs are where tourists are meant to stop on their way between Romania and Bulgaria.


А consortium between Sofia and Shumen company for about 200,000 Levs are to prepare projects which are to determine the landmarks and hubs.


The application for their construction will be in the next programming period, said the project manager of the municipality Zornitsa Kancheva.


The overall objective of the project is to harmonize cross-border economic, social, environmental and cultural levels and to enhance territorial cohesion and competitiveness.


Veliko Tarnovo Christmas Market Open

xmasChristmas Market in Veliko Tarnovo opened at the park Marno pole. You can now walk around 25 cosy cottages, and taste some Christmas deliciousness and spirits. There is also  roofed stage and children corner.


The park has been beautifully decorated with lights and a Christmas tree, with elves house, where kids can send their letters to Santa.


The Christmas Market will be open until 31 December. Here you can find handmade gifts, Christmas decorations and toys, artisan food, etc




Emiliyan Stanev Museum House

emuseumEmiliyan Stanev Museum House is located at the beginning of the narrow Nikola Zlatarski Alley, close to the Samovodska Charshia square in Veliko Tarnovo. It was built on the same plot where the original house, where the writer was born in 1907 and lived until 1922, when he and his family moved to the town of Elena.

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The Wonderful Orlova Chuka Cave

caveOrlova Chuka (Орлова Чука in Cyrillic) is situated 45 km from Ruse and about 86 km from Veliko Tarnovo. It is one of the most interesting caves in Bulgaria. It was accidentally discovered by a shepherd named Stoyan Dimitrov in 1941.


The cave is formed by Cretaceous limestones deposited on the bottom of the ancient Sarmatian Sea. The cave galleries are formed much later as a result of karst processes occurred during the Quaternary.


Reportedly, skeletons of bears, spearheads, flint scrapers, axes, pieces of pottery have been unearthed, some dating back to the Eneolithic (Copper Age) and suggesting that the cave was inhabited by humans. Continue Reading


80% of tourists dislike the cigarette smoke in public places

fag80% of travellers do not like cigarette smoke in restaurants.


According to chairman of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents, Bayko Baikov, Bulgarian Tourism needs a complete ban on smoking in public places.


Baikov shared his views at the 13th annual meeting of the association in Veliko Tarnovo. According to him, visitors prefer to relax in a clean environment with clean air.


He also said that the increase in tourist numbers by 5-6 % during the winter was due to the smoking ban. Such was also the case in neighbouring countries who also reported an increase in tourists because of it.


The National Assembly is to discuss the partial removal of the ban in near future. The liberalization was rejected by the health committee, but supported by the economic.