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The closest dam to Veliko Tarnovo is to be transformed into a Recreational Water Park

Veliko Tarnovo municipality gets the Motel Dam back


Veliko Tarnovo finally managed to take back the tenure of the emblematic Motel Dam. Tides of investors are pressing their demands for the exclusive right to operate, maintain and carry out their investment plans. Most of them are willing to build a restaurant with panoramic views, construct outside seating and eating areas and offer different water sport activities like jet skiing and rowing. The dam is just outside Veliko Tarnovo, on the main arterial road Sofia-Varna. It was left unutilized for years and town authorities didn’t have access to it because of its previous user. Veliko Tarnovo municipality is back in possession of the dam and is waiting for the position of a Special Parliamentary Commission as to whether the exploitation of the dam should be granted at an auction or by a concession.

There is already an offer by a Sofia based entrepreneur who is willing to take the reservoir by a concession agreement. He is planning an investment of 300 000 lv but at the background of a promise of at least 10 year contract. He intends to stock the dam with fish and to set up special zones for sport fishing as well as picnic areas and a camping site. The recreational complex will be complemented by a fish grill restaurant situated right by the dam itself. Kayaks and paddle boats will be located at another section of the reservoir.

The Parliamentary Commission has the last word now – if they allow the dam to be granted at an auction and not by a concession, the procedure will be much swifter and cheaper and the winning bidder will be able to implement and realize their project much faster.


‘My Garden’ Campaign starts in Veliko Tarnovo

rosesVeliko Tarnovo municipality is organizing ‘My Garden’ Campaign for the second time in a row. Its aim is to stimulate citizens’ activity to turn the spaces between residential buildings, allocated for growing flowers and decorative bushes, into beautifully arranged gardens.

House owners and representatives of homeowners associations in Veliko Tarnovo can take part in the contest. What they need to do is describe the plot which is to be cultivated, enumerate the plant species that are to be grown and present papers proving ownership or minutes from the Homeowners General Meeting.

Afterwards a special commission will inspect all enlisted participating yards. The project is part of Veliko Tarnovo’s efforts to win the ‘European capital of culture 2019’ contest. The objectives behind this particular activity are to show the empathy of the citizens to make the town a better place for living.

Fifteen applications were entered in the campaign last year. So far eleven of the projects are accomplished. The rest of them are to be finished in the next few months.

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Bulgaria returns its place among the 10 most desired places for buying a vacation home by British buyers

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Traditional-styled Bulgarian house

Bulgaria moved 5 places upwards in the list with countries that Britons are most interested in to purchase a property. The data was released by a leading on line web portal that keeps track of British buyers’ countries of interest and property market trends. The chart is monthly and in February Bulgaria ranked 10th. In January the country was placed 15th.

Few years back it was usually placed within the first 5 positions; but last year it lost its ground and ranked 20th. For the first time since January 2013 Bulgaria gains back its position among the 10 most preferred destinations by Britons for buying a vacation home.

USA holds the number one spot with France and Spain second and third.

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Veliko Tarnovo’s Town Clock is tick-tocking again

After a halt of 30 years the Town’Clock next to the Post Office is working again

chasovnikAll the necessary actions for restoring the Town Clock mounted on the building next to the Post Office were undertaken by initiative of Veliko Tarnovo’s Mayor Daniel Panov. On 3rd March, Bulgaria’s National Day, one of the town’s contemporary symbols was given new life after nearly 30 years of abandonment.

The clock which used to chime with the melody of the Shishman song is now fully renovated and working. Its mechanism was removed, fixed and put back in place again; its wiring and power supply have also been renewed. A back-up power supply is provided in case of electricity blackouts.

Currently the technical option to make the clock sound with Veliko Tarnovo’s anthem Shishman song is being tried out.

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Free sightseeing tours on 3rd March, Bulgaria’s Liberation Day

Gurko street in Veliko Tarnovo

Gurko street in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo’s Regional Historic Museum is organizing free sightseeing tours of the cultural and historical sites and places in the town on the 3rd March. The reason behind this gift is Bulgaria’s National Holiday, remembered in history as Bulgaria’s Liberation Day, which is celebrated on that date. The guided tours are open for both citizens and guests of the town. Museum guides will conduct 2 two-hour walks along two different routes. Both of them will start from the ‘Tsar Ivan Asen’ square in front of the Tsarevets Fortress and will finish at ‘Mother Bulgaria’ monument.

The first walk-around or the so called ‘South tour’ will set off at 10.30 am. During this first walk tourists will learn more about the times when Veliko Tarnovo was the capital city of Bulgaria. Some of their stops will include The Turkish Archive, The Gaol Museum (once an operating prison) and The Konak (once a building fulfilling administrative function). They will also visit the Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly where the participants in the tour will see an exposition and get acquainted with the details of the struggle for national liberation and the Russian-Turkish liberation war. Sightseers will also go along ‘Gurko’ street; they will see the museum ‘Sarafkinata kushta’, further pass by Veliko Tarnovo Inter-hotel; then along the Stambolov Bridge will get to the Art Gallery. At the most picturesque spot in Veliko Tarnovo, revealing panoramic views of the Old part of the town, tourists will be told more facts about The Asenevtsi monument, the Stambolov Bridge and the Boruna area. At the end of their walk they will see the exhibition ‘200 years Zahari Zograf’ in the Art Gallery.

‘The North Tour’ will start at 3 p.m. The group will go along ‘Ivan Vazov’ street, pass by ‘Nadezhda’ community centre and then they also will visit The Turkish Archive, Museum The Gaol Museum and The Konak and the Museum of the Bulgarian Revival and Constituent Assembly. Futher the sightseers will see the monument of Nikola Pikolo and will hear a short lecture at ‘Velchova zavera’ square. The group will stop at the Samovodskata Charshia, a street renowned with its craftsmen. The closing point will be at the Monument of the hanged. A talk of 40 minutes will be held there.

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Veliko Tarnovo region marks a growth of 268 % in apartment construction

apartThe number of apartments, the construction of which started in the last trimester of 2013, has risen by 268 % compared to the same period of 2012. The data was released by the Regional Statistical Office in Veliko Tarnovo. The building of 23 blocks of flats with 70 apartments has started since October. Their total living area is 7082 sqm. The construction of another 26 non-residential buildings with 7835 sqm has also been commenced.

The building permissions issued in the last trimester of 2013 are for 28 blocks of flats with 75 apartments and 43 non-residential buildings with a total floorage of 15929 sqm.

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The heightened interest in property buying will increase even further

saleThe increased property seeking trend that has been felt on the Bulgarian real estate market will continue throughout the year. The prognosis was expressed by a leading real estate agency. The report it issued notes that property prices in the begininng of 2014 are considered to be at their most affordable rate for the last 10 years. Financial institutions are now offering better terms for their mortgage loans and are also prone to renegotiate the clauses of already existing ones; thus contributing to the property market revival. Continue Reading