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Join Let’s clean Veliko Tarnovo campaign



Let us all help in the campaign for cleaning this beautiful town.

Let’s clean Veliko Tarnovo campaign will take place on the 26th April. Citizens and guests of Veliko Tarnovo and the region are invited to take active part in the initiative. It is a good time for us all to show our commitment, responsibility and solidarity with the world we live in.

The cleaning day will start at 8 am; the assembly point is Mother Bulgaria square. Everyone can take free gloves and rubbish bags from there; the areas to be cleaned will be also be specified.

The initiative is part of a bigger scale scheme, namely Clean Up the World. It is a community-based, environmental campaign that inspires and empowers communities around the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

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English expats make car boot sales popular in the region

боот фаирCar boots sales are gaining popularity in Veliko Tarnovo region because of the many Britons who have chosen Bulgaria as their second home. They sell useful but unwanted domestic items that otherwise might have been thrown away. The idea is not to make profit but to offer one’s stuff at a bargain price to someone who needs it and who can make use of it. Besides selling their unneeded possessions Englishmen from the area are getting acquainted with fellow countrymen. Those gatherings are visited not only by people from the region but also from the neighbouring ones.

Last Sunday there was a boot fair held by the local English community and their Bulgarian friends in the village of Hotnitsa. Boot fairs at Hotnitsa are usually held the second Sunday of every month. They take place at the meadows near the centre of the village. The monthly make shift markets has turned into a real monthly feast for the village. Refreshments are also available during the market day – BBQ, burgers, tea, coffee and a seating area. People are coming to shop but also to enjoy and divert themselves. Such car boot sales are organized not only in Hotnitsa but also in other villages in the region. On May, 4th there will be a boot fair in Radanovo and the next one to take place in Hotnitsa will be on May, 11th.

Besides the boot fairs, Englishmen in the region are also promoting charity fundraising events. Last summer Hotnitsa hosted a tea party in a typical English style. Funds for the Neonatological ward in Veliko Tarnovo hospital were raised during this party. There was also a stall where homemade cards, soaps, souvenirs and of course homemade cakes, treats and fruit jams were sold. Every single lev collected went for the noble cause.

bunniesneggsOn April, 20th (Sunday) Arbanasi will welcome visitors with an Easter pirate party under the slogan ‘A little something for everyone’. Its organizers are again Britons from the region. Entrance is 15 leva, but the hosts of the event have prepared plenty of surprises – a crafts’ workshop, drawing studios, bow and arrow shooting, tea party, karaoke and BBQ. There will be lots of fun games and activities for children too. Kids will be searching for a pirate’s treasure, riding ponies and helping Captain Cook capture Peter Pan and of course there will be an Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt. The funds raised during the feast will go towards setting up a kindergarten for the children in the village of Biala Reka.

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More and more Russians are coming to Bulgaria

House KeyIt is not a secret to anyone that during recent years Russian buyers’ interest in acquiring properties in Bulgaria has heightened. Even the Ukrainian crisis is not affecting this trend. There is one change though but it is a positive one – until the end of last year people in the age range between 55 and 65 years were the most active participants on the property market. In the general case they wanted to find a home in the sunny country to spend their days when they retire. But the tendency has turned. There are now enquires from young families and potential buyer between 25 and 35. These are predominantly owners of small scale businesses like shops, restaurants and small family run enterprises who are looking to develop the same kind of activity in Bulgaria. There is also one more change and it is that Russians are no longer looking only for cheap properties – they are now willing to spend between 25 000 and 45 000 euro.

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Veliko Tarnovo joins the Earth Hour Movement

downloadVeliko Tarnovo will participate in the Earth Hour Campaign. Thousands of candles will be lit up on Saturday, 29th March. The event will take place in front of the Music and Drama Theatre Konstantin Kisimov at 20.30 pm.

Everyone is invited to join in and light a candle. The happening will be held under the slogan that we should all care about the Earth and together we should try and make the World a better place. Musicians and dancers are welcomed to perform and create cheerful atmosphere at the event.

During the Earth Hour people from all over the world symbolically turn off the lights in their homes for an hour; famous and significant buildings also become dark. All of that is done as a plea for a more sustainable future and as a symbol of commitment to the planet.

imagesOver 7000 towns and cities in more than 150 countries were engaged in the initiative last year.


22nd March – the day of Veliko Tarnovo

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Tsar Ivan Asen II

The official date on which we celebrate the day of Veliko Tarnovo is March, 22nd. The date is related to the win of Tsar Ivan Asen II over the ruler of the Despotate of Epirus, Theodore Komnenos Doukas, in the battle of Klokotnitsa (near nowadays town of Haskovo).  The battle in which the Bulgarian tsar defeated and captured Theodore Komnenos took place on the 22 March 1230.

The first records of the day being celebrated can be traced back to 1879. The festive was held in the The Holy Forty Martyrs Church. The church, dedicated to the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (that are honoured on the very same date as the battle itself), was built and painted on the order of Bulgarian Tsar Ivan Asen II in honour of his important victory. The church was erected in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire and also residence of Tsar Ivan Asen II. Up until 1944 the day was being marked annually. After September, 9th 1944 rejoicing of the day was halted. The Bulgarian coup d’état of 1944 was a change in the Kingdom of Bulgaria’s administration and government carried out on the eve of 9 September 1944. Following that date, large-scale political, economic and social changes were introduced to the country, with Bulgaria quitting the Axis and coming into the Soviet sphere of influence.

images (13)

The Holy Forty Martyrs Church

Some of the citizens of Asenov quarter (where the The Holy Forty Martyrs Church is located) renewed the tradition of celebrating the day in 1970. They marked the day under the slogan ‘My beloved neighbourhood’ and the festive was carried out in the church. In 1984 their idea received wide spread support and approval. Since then 22 March is honoured annually  with lots of in-town happenings, events and celebrations.


Don’t forget to see the Tsarevets Light and Sound show tonight at 9 pm.


The culmination of the celebrations will be the Veliko Tarnovo 3D Mapping Light Show at Asenevtsi Monument. It starts at 8 pm on March, 22nd. Afterwards fireworks will light the night sky marking the end of the festive day.


Trabant Motor Show in Veliko Tarnovo

trabi 1

Veliko Tarnovo Trabant Motor Show in 2013.

The fifth edition of ‘Trabant Motor Show’ will take place on March, 22nd in Veliko Tarnovo. The local Trabant fan club is expecting more than fifty East German cars from Bulgaria and Romania to be presented at the exposition.

The trabis, as some call them endearingly, will be on display at the parking lot behind the Army Club Building from 10 am till 12 am. They will then parade along the road to Retail Park Veliko Tarnovo parking. At the parking, Trabant owners will show off their expert driving skills. There will be prizes for the oldest, the best maintained and the worst maintained car and also for best car tuning.


Trabant Limousine.

Next year the show will have a Trabant limousine, said one of the most adamant Trabant collectors in Bulgaria Ivaylo Antov. He has 60 cars in his collection, among them a pick up, sedan, cabriolet and combi. But he says that he still doesn’t own a limo. According to him there is only one such in Sofia; in his words Veliko Tarnovo also deserves a six-meter long car. He intends to it put together out of 7 or 8 Trabants.

The last Trabant left the German factory in the distant 1992.

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Hemus highway route is now clear

The cost of the highway will amount to 1.5 billion lv without VAT

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The ‘Improved Blue Version’ is the chosen route.
Click on the image for a larger view of the map.

The main advantage of the newly chosen route is that it is going to pass along as many towns and villages as possible. The highway is to connect the capital of Bulgaria to the Black sea town of Varna. The completion of the motorway is expected to improve the economic state of three Bulgarian regions – the North-Western, the Northern Central and the North-Eastern. Up to 2,9 million people will have immediate use of the main arterial road.

Four alternative routes have been thoroughly reviewed. After the analysis two of the possibilities received even further examination. These are the ‘Improved Blue Version’ that passes at an equal distance by Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo and Lovech and the ‘Green Version’ that goes along the currently existing I-4 main road. The ‘Improved Blue Version’, which is the chosen one, is considered to be the best option even from an ecological point of view. Some of the villages in Veliko Tarnovo region that will be relatively close to the highway, when finished, are Varbovka, Butovo, Rositsa, Mihaltsi, Stambolovo, Vodoley, Resen, Nikyup, Paskalevets, Polski Senovets, Kutsina, Krusheto and Draganovo and also the town of Pavlikeni.

The construction of Hemus highway is going to be divided in 8 lots and will be completed in three stages. The end of March is the deadline for a construction firm, which will have to work out a plan for the execution of the first stage, to be picked out. The aim is for construction works to start in 2016 but it is still not clear where the funding for the project will come from.